BDO: What's Inside the Gift Letter of Repayment?

It's best to know before you start throwing them around, right?

Black Desert Online throws quite a few milestone rewards at you during the course of your adventure. Some of the rewards are pretty fantastic, and others are a little confusing. The Gift Letter of Repayment is the latter.

Each 10 levels, you are granted a milestone achievement congratulating you on your progress -- and with each of those 10 levels (up to level 50) you get a Gift Letter of Repayment. It's definitely not the star of the rewards in each set, but it's there...rotting in your inventory and taking up space.

You yourself can't do anything with the letter, but you can give it to someone else. And of course there are rewards inside if they choose to open it.

What's Inside Gift Letters of Repayment?

Whether Gift Letter of Repayment 1 or 5, whoever opens it will receive a Box of Good Deeds. The box itself is useless but what's inside isn't too shabby, provided RNGesus is smiling upon whoever is opening it.

There are three potential items one can get from one of these boxes. These are:

  • HP Potion (Large)
  • Ring of Good Deeds (2 ~ 2 AP; +1 Accuracy)
  • Necklace of Good Deeds (6 ~ 6 AP; +3 Accuracy)

Before you get excited about the two accessories in the box, you should know it's much more common to get the HP Potion (Large) than it is the other two items. Such is life!

To add to this, neither the Ring of Good Deeds nor the Necklace of Good Deeds is character-bound. You can pop them in storage, put them on the Marketplace, whatever -- though I'd hold onto the necklace for an alt, myself.

Now you know what that Gift Letter of Repayment does. Is it worth bothering with? That's up to you, but it's worth keeping in mind the Necklace of Good Deeds sells decently. It's just not likely you'll get one.

That wraps up this short guide! Be sure to check out the rest of our Black Desert Online guides for even more help with the game.

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Published Jun. 30th 2017

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