Final Fantasy Type 0 HD: Character Types and Roles Guide

Need to know the strengths of every character in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD and tips on using them? Then, check out this Character guide!

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD has a great battle system. This comes from not only being real-time, but having a lot of combat variety. There are 14 characters to choose from and each have their own play style and weapon. Their stats and strengths also vary between each character.

I'm here to help you understand each character, what they do best, and suggest certain commands for each. Choosing between 14 characters can certainly be overwhelming, so I hope to makes things easier for you. 

Please visit my Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Beginner's Guide to Combat, Phantoma, Characters and More for any additional tips and guides on this game.

This guide will go over all the playable characters in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD including:

  • Strengths - What each character is good at, broken down into categories.
  • Group Tips - Suggestions on who you should have in your team.


These are characters that have a good magic stat, either for support or attacking.

Deuce - Uses a Flute

  • Great at Fire Magic, best support in the game.
  • Concerto command buffs allies' abilities.
  • Not great at killing enemies with normal attacks.
  • Best when used strictly as support with Concerto

Queen - Uses a Longsword

  • Great at Lightning magic.
  • Great support/attack command called Divine Judgment that allows you to heal allies and attack enemies at the same time.

Rem - Uses Dual Daggers

  • More of a balanced character, but has a great support skill called Manalchemy.
    • This restores everyone's MP.
  • Strong Lightning Magic.
  • Strong Defense magic, great for using healing commands.


These are cahracters with a high attack stat and/or should mostly use attack commands.

Trey - Uses a Bow

  • Best Ranged attacker in the game.
  • Unique ability called Grand Delta.
    • This drains enemy health and allows for Killsight. 
  • Can charge up normal attacks for massive damage.

Cinque - Uses a Mace

  • Very high damage, but slowest attack in the game.
  • High HP.
  • Great for hitting groups of enemies and stunning them.

Eight - Uses Knuckles

  • Fastest attack, but shortest range.
  • Has different stances that allow for combos and special attacks.
  • High Defense.

Nine - Uses a Lance

  • Highest HP and good Defense. Great for tanking.
  • Uses Jump, like Dragoons in previous Final Fantasy games.

Jack - Uses a Katana

  • Very high attack and can counter for high damage.
  • Moves very slow when weapon is out, but can sidestep very fast.

King - Uses Twin Pistols

  • Can shoot from range, but also great at close range.
  • Uses ammo, so you have to reload throughout fights
  • Point-Blank Shot does massive damage at close-range when charged.

Machina - Uses Dual Rapiers

  • Has two great abilities, Cyclone Drive and Awakening.
    • Cyclone Drive does high damage and continues until you run out of AG.
    • Awakening restores HP and turns normal attacks into Furious Blades until you get hit.


These characters are generally good in both attack and magic, though some may lean more towards one in particular.

Ace - Uses Cards

  • Good ranged attack and good Ice Magic.
  • Card abilities let him buff himself with mana recover, health recover, enemy debuffs, and more.
  • Can teleport to enemies with the command, Wild Card.

Cater - Uses a Magicite Pistol

  • Good ranged attack and Ice Magic.
  • Gun automatically charges while moving and she has great movement speed.
  • Has Elementillery, which gives her different element shots.

Sice - Uses a Scythe

  • Great for hitting multiple enemies, harder to control because of her movement when attacking.
  • Absorbs Malice by defeating enemies and used for a strong attack called Dark Nebula.
  • Good Lightning Magic.

Seven - Uses a Whipblade

  • Fluid movements, can charge or pull enemies.
  • A.I. tends to get her killed ebcause of her constant charging into battle.
  • Great Ice and Defense Magic.

Group Tips

It is hard to choose your team when you can only have 3 out of the 14. I'll give you a few things to take into account when picking.

  • Try to have at least one ranged and one magic user.
    • This allows you to cover your bases. Some enemies can only be hit by ranged attacks and some only take decent damage from magic attacks.
  • Always assign a Cure spell to one of the party members.
    • Even though you can use potions, the battle is real-time and a Cure can save you when you don't have time to open the menu.
    • Esuna also helps take away ailments.
  • Be sure to level Deuce and Rem.
    • These are the two best people to have in your party in my opinion.
    • Deuce's Concerto is amazing support and really helps towards the end of the game.
    • Rem is all-around great at everything and higher than most people. Plus she can recover ally MP, so it's great to have her.
  • Choose Trey if you want to double up on high attack and ranged.
    • Trey has the best range in the game and a very high attack.
    • Picking him lets you choose just magic and support for your other two members.
  • Choose Nine if you want a good tank.
    • Eight and Deuce are decent as well, but Nine has the highest HP and Defense.

That wraps up my Character Guide for Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions. Check out my Beginner's Guide for more tips and guides on the game.

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Published Mar. 24th 2015

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