Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Best Crops for Each Season

Our Pioneers of Olive Town crop guide help you pick the most lucrative crops for each season to pad your pockets with.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town crops are a bit different from most previous SoS/Harvest Moon games. There’s greater variety in each season, many crops can grow through multiple seasons, and Marvelous even adjusted the prices of some staples while altering how you increase value.

Our Pioneers of Olive Town crop guide steers you toward the best crops for each season to help get the most gold for your labor.

Pioneers of Olive Town Crop Basics

Pioneers of Olive Town moves away from fertilizer and ties crop quality to your fieldwork. There’s no need for fertilizer, hence why the shops don’t stock it. If you plant and care for even just a few batches of crops in your first spring, it should be enough to raise their value to three, which is a nice boost to your profit.

You can also grind your fieldwork level higher by tilling random squares you don’t plan on using and using the hoe in the mines.

A few of Pioneers of Olive Town’s more valuable crops grow in the wild on your farm. Make sure you harvest and sell them, since it unlocks their seeds for purchase at the General Store.

Finally, you’ll also unlock sprinklers incredibly early in the game. It’s worth using materials to craft sprinklers and save some stamina if you want to maximize your crop yield as early as possible.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Spring Crops

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
Turnip 192 G 4 days N/A Spring
Onion 286 G 6 days N/A Spring, Summer
Strawberry 125 G 8 days N/A Spring
Garlic 315 G 3 days 4 days Spring


Pioneers of Olive Town gives the humble turnip a hefty boost and makes some adjustments to a few others. You'll find onions in the first farm area soon after starting, and while they only give you one onion per harvest, the sell price makes investing worth it when you can.

Strawberries are in the second area of your farm, where your first barn is, but garlic can only be obtained from the store after you reach level nine in fieldwork.

Cucumbers aren't worth the stamina it takes to care for them, not when turnips exist. Potatoes werehave been nerfed slightly, so even when you get double or triple for your harvest, it's not that profitable.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Summer Crops 

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
 Pumpkin 270 G 5 days N/A Summer
Melon 525 G 7 days N/A Summer, Fall
Pineapple 630 G 8 days N/A Summer
Corn 242 G 8 days 4 days Summer


Pumpkins are summer's onions for the price of turnips, so devote a few fields to those. You'll find your first melon in the farm's second area once summer begins and need to ship it before the store will carry seeds.

Corn is fantastic and offers much more value for your effort than tomatoes, while pineapples are the season's biggest hitters outside watermelons. You'll get watermelons at fieldwork level nine, but the exorbitant seed cost makes the return less worthwhile than these.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Fall Crops 

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
Carrot 300 G 5 days N/A Fall
Sweet Potato 384 G 6 days 3 days Fall
Melon 525 G 8 days N/A Summer, Fall
Spinach 240 G 8 days 4 days Fall


Fall is devoid of high-value crops, but the sweet potato will treat you right. Carrots are great one-time crops, but if you're saving money, spinach is the way to go. Supplement these with a few melon fields, and you'll be well set for the winter.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Winter Crops

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
Broccoli 120 G 6 days 3 days   Winter, Spring
Cabbage 448 G 7 days N/A Winter, Spring
Leek 200 G 4 days N/A Winter
Daikon Radish 234  G 4 days N/A Winter, Spring


Cabbage is winter's best crop, but you need to scour your first farm area to find one and unlock seeds. You can potentially find one in spring, though I didn't run across any. Leeks are in the third farm area, and those plus daikon radishes are the best bets for steady income. 

That's everything you need to know about Pioneers of Olive Town's best crops, but be sure to check out our other Pioneers of Olive Town guides for more farm-grown tips.


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Published Mar. 29th 2021

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