Dragon Quest Builders Guide - How to find Coarse Cloth (and other elusive Monster Drops)

Monsters drop a ton of useful materials. Check out where to find coarse cloth and more in Dragon Quest Builders.

Despite not being a "Hero" in Dragon Quest Builders, you'll spend an awful lot of time killing monsters. Some of the most important materials in the game are dropped from monsters. I'm sure you've already noticed the ever-handy blue ooze, but what about coarse cloth or fur?

If you're like me, you'll be smashing every plant, twig, or rock you come across to try and discover new materials. However, I often find myself neglecting monsters, especially if I've encountered them in previous chapters.

This is a catastrophic mistake.

Repeat after me. "I will kill every monster I see." Go ahead, say it out loud. I'll wait.

Done? Good. Following that advice religiously will severely reduce the potential for material shortage in the future. The reason this nugget of advice is so pivotal is because monsters have different drop tables in every chapter.

For example, lets take a look at Coarse Cloth drops through every chapter in Dragon Quest Builders:

  • Chapter 1 - Killing Skeletons.
  • Chapter 2 - Nothing drops it. Skeletons instead drop Rusty Nuggets.
  • Chapter 3 - Killing Legerdemen.
  • Chapter 4 - Killing Skeletons.

Coarse Cloth comes full circle throughout the coarse of the game, but it still has a wild ride. Would you believe this is a mild example of how monster drops can differ?

At the end of Chapter 2, there's a few building recipes that require Gold, but no matter how many caves you dive into, you're never going to find that gold. Do you remember passing by that Golden Golem? Yeah, he'll drop your gold for you.

Starting to get the idea? You really almost have to think of each Chapter like a completely different game. Let's run through a few more examples.

Finest Fur is only found in Chapter 1 and Chapter 4. They drop from the purple Spiked Hares that roam around past Teleportals. On the other hand, standard Fur is found in every chapter of Dragon Quest Builders and is dropped primarily from Hammerhoods, but are also found from killing werewolf monsters.

dragon quest builders guide how to find coarse cloth and other ellusice monster drops

If you've made it to Chapter 4, you may have noticed Sludgestone as a building material for candles. You'd think it to be a new sort of rock that you can mine, but quite the contrary. Oddly enough, they are dropped from the Bloody Hands roaming around in... well... blood.

Say it with me one more time. "I will kill every monster I see." Ingrain this rule into your head. Monster drops in Dragon Quest Builders are just as important as any other material you pick up. Past experience with monsters can quickly deceive you into avoiding the materials you're looking for, so be certain you kill everything upon entering a new chapter.

For more Dragon Quest Builders tips, read up on our beginner's guide. Looking for something specific? Request a guide in the comments below!

Now go forth and kill some monsters, Builder.

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Published Oct. 13th 2016

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