Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Pigments Location Guide

Can't find the pigments in HZD's Frozen Wilds DLC? This guide will show all of their locations!

Horizon Zero Dawn came into our lives at the end of February of this year. It blew our collective minds, threw several fistfuls of confetti and firecrackers into the air, and then disappeared, overshadowed by a year of gaming hugeness that cannot be overstated. Then, on November 7, HZD’s first piece of DLC, The Frozen Wilds, was released. And suddenly, one of the best games of the year is back -- and with a vengeance. 

And while it might seem a bit overwhelming to jump back into HZD's wonderful world, the best way to get to its heart is to just jump in. And that starts with our guide to finding the hidden pigments found deep within The Frozen Wilds.

How to Find Pigments in HZD's New DLC

In the little settlement of Song’s Edge, Aloy meets Sekuli, a somber and somewhat depressing painter. She’s looking to start a new history for Song’s Edge, but she needs new and unique pigments to do it with. And anyone who’s ever played a video game ever knows what that means! Strap on your moccasins: this journey for pigments will take you all over the map.

Light Salt

This pigment can be found on the northern perimeter of Song’s Grace in a small gathering of people. Look just northeast of where you met Sekuli.

Light Oxide

You’ll find the Light Oxide pigment in the far northeastern section of the map, just north of the trio of campsites where you found Dark Oxide. Pick this pigment up at the bottom of a waterfall-covered gully, next to a supply crate.

Light Crystal

This dye is found in the center of the map, surrounded by a crescent-shaped mountain range. Follow the central road north that begins at the southernmost portion of the DLC’s map. Pass a campfire at the halfway point, and you’ll find it just past one of the zip lines situated in the mountains.

Medium Salt

Hope you’re up for crushing some bad guys. What am I saying? Of course, you are! The Medium Salt pigment is at the eastern edge of a bandit camp found on the central east side of the map, at the top of a small section of rocky steppes.

Medium Oxide

This pigment can be found to the northeast of the Song’s Edge settlement, just past a Sawtooth-heavy area and a campfire. You can find it set into the edge of a lake.

Medium Crystal

Situated far to the north of the Frozen Wilds map, the Medium Crystal dye is near the top of another range of hills, just north of bandit camp where you picked up Medium Salt.

Dark Salt

This pigment can be found next to a copse of trees, east of a merchant near the center of the map.

Dark Oxide

Found in the far northeast of the map, the Dark Oxide dye is found in a rocky outcropping near the left of a trio of campfires.

Dark Crystal

Located high up in the crescent mountain range, this pigment is found just northwest of the Light Crystal location on the map. However, it’s best to come at it from the northern angle, as a climb from the more central location might just be impossible. Get ready for a lot of climbing!


After you’ve collected everything, run back to your new favorite artist. Not only will Sekuli offer you some brand new reward boxes, which are loaded with some high-end gear and upgrades, but she’ll also help you along in the questline "For The Warek", saying that she’s absolutely cool with you taking out Aratek.

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Published Nov. 8th 2017

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