Biomutant Endings: How to Get the Good and Bad Biomutant Endings

Our Biomutant endings guide clarifies the game's important choices so you can save or destroy society with ease.

There are several Biomutant endings to aim for as you make your way through Experiment 101’s beautiful, dilapidated world. Unlike some RPGs, Biomutant actually tells you which ending you’re aiming for right at the start.

There are two main Biomutant endings, but the Tribe War and the choices made during it will affect how that ending unfolds — sort of. Our Biomutant endings guide points you in the right direction for the outcome you want.

Biomutant Endings

Biomutant endings revolve around how you deal with the Tree of Life. You can choose to destroy the World Eaters, which is the Light choice. Alternatively, you can ally with those that wish for a cruel, darker world and let the World Eaters do their work.

The Biomutant bad ending means the Tree and those too weak to live without its help die, though Biomutant doesn’t chastise you for it. Instead, you’re paving the way for a future governed by evolution because dark isn’t “bad” in Biomutant.

The Biomutant good ending saves the Tree and lets the world and all its inhabitants flourish.

Biomutant Myriad or Jagni?

Once you exit Bunker 101, Biomutant makes you pick a tribe to ally with. Your choice determines which ending the game flags: Myriad for saving the Tree of Life, Jagni for destroying it.

The choice you made at the ruined village — to “leave you to your fate” or help — influences which tribe the game tries pushing you toward. However, it doesn’t matter. You can smack the villager and get the dark points, then ally with Myriad if you want. 

Biomutant Tribe Choices

What you can’t do is change the path you’re on, at least not easily. You’re supposed to be able to change tribe allegiances as you progress through the Tribe War, but it might just be in relation to the side you’re already on. Dark-aligned tribes kept telling me they knew I was allied with a rival.

Either way, changing tribes is a pain because you have to re-conquer the tribes you’ve already conquered.

The two primary endings have minor variations depending on how you deal with the opposing tribes’ Sifus, or chiefs. Allying with light tribes means you can imprison or reconcile with opposing tribes, while allying with dark tribes means you naturally can’t be as forgiving.

My advice is to just choose what you want, as the tribe choices have very little effect on the way Biomutant ends anyway.

The same goes for other choices throughout the game. How you interact with the tribes, NPCs, and even your conscience will have no major influence on the ending.

That's everything you need to know about the way Biomutant endings work, but be sure to check out our other Biomutant guides for more tips and tricks. 


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Published May. 26th 2021

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