World of Final Fantasy guide - What's inside the Murkrifts?

Keep this guide on hand of you don't want to risk dying by running into a Murklift blindly.

There are certainly some complexities to World of Final Fantasy, but the topic of this guide is pretty dry: what's inside the Murkrifts.

Each Murkrift in the game is listed below, along with which Mirages they contain and those Mirages' strengths, weaknesses, and prismunity requirements. All so you know what you're getting into when you run into one.

There is only one area of the game in which there are three Murkrifts, that being an area pretty far into the game. You'll see that below since I don't want to spoil it in the intro.

I recommend just looking at this guide when you run into a Murkrift in an area to see what's inside so you don't run into it and die. But you can use it any way you want, obviously. Have fun with the game above all else -- I know I am.

Wellspring Woods

1 Behemoth (level 26)
Strengths: Thunder, water
Weaknesses: Dark
Prismunity requirement: Once per battle: Reduce HP.

Pyreglow Forest

4 Sharquals (level 13)
Strengths: Fire, water
Weaknesses: Thunder, wind
Prismunity requirement: Hit with fire-element attacks.

Icicle Ridge

6 Flans (level 15)
Strengths: Water
Weaknesses: Thunder
Prismunity requirement: Hit with physical attacks.

Saronia Docks

Mega Sharqual (level 23)
Strengths: Fire, water
Weaknesses: Thunder, wind
Prismunity requirement: Deal a lot of damage in a single hit.

Valley Seven

3 Memecoleous (level 30)
Strengths: Fire, earth
Weaknesses: Wind, water
Prismunity requirement: Inflict poison.

Phantom Sands

3 Chrome Giants (level 40)
Strengths: Fire, water, earth
Weaknesses: Thunder, dark
Prismunity requirement: Evade one of its attacks.

Mako Reactor 0

3 Mythril Giants (level 35)
Strengths: Water, earth
Weaknesses: Thunder, wind
Prismunity requirement: Grant a magical enhancement.

The Train Graveyard

5 Manticores (level 35)
Strengths: Fire, earth
Weaknesses: Water
Prismunity requirement: Inflict poison

5 Korrigans (level 37)
Strengths: Water, earth, dark
Weaknesses: Fire, wind, light
Prismunity requirement: Inflict sleep.

5 Reaver Mus (level 40)
Strengths: Wind, water
Weaknesses: Fire, thunder
Prismunity requirement: Hit with fire attacks.

5 Red Caps (level 43)
Strengths: Fire, earth
Weaknesses: Water, light
Prismunity requirement: Deal a lot of damage in a single hit.

Nightmare (level 35)
Strengths: Dark
Weaknesses: Light
Prismunity requirement: Hit with dark-element attacks.

The Sunken Temple

3 Mindflayers, 2 Squidkrakens (level 45)
Strengths: (Mindflayers) Water, dark; (Squidkrakens) Ice
Weaknesses: (Mindflayers) Fire, thunder; (Squidkrakens) Fire
Prismunity requirement: (Both) Reflect magic back at them.

Typing this out was a lot easier than some of these fights. Get out there and kick some Mirage butt!

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