Can You 1v1 in Splitgate?

Can you take on another player in a 1v1 match in Splitgate? Here's the answer.

All of the base multiplayer modes in Splitgate are 4v4 matchups featuring eight players on two teams duking it out in the arena. But what if you want to take someone on head-to-head in a 1v1 matchup? Can you do that in Splitgate

The answer is, well, yes! Like other multiplayer-focused shooters that feature modes like Gun Game, Splitgate does allow for 1v1 matchups. However, you won't find a two-player mode in the normal match lineup. You'll have to create a custom online match to do so (there is, after all, no split-screen couch co-op here).

To create a custom online match, select "Play" from the main screen. Toggle over to "Custom Match." Choose "Create." You'll then need to create a server name, which can quite literally be anything.

Below the server name, you can check the "Private Server" box if you don't want other players finding your game. Set a password and share it with the friend you want to play multiplayer with. If you don't have a friend to invite, you can leave this unchecked and other players will be able to find your server and join. 

Next, choose your region. Below that, set "Max Players" to 2. Once you're done, choose "Create Game" and Splitgate will revert to the main menu before creating a lobby.

In the lobby, you can choose "Match Options" to change the map, match type, score limit, match time, respawn time, primary and secondary weapons, bot difficulty, modifiers, and much more. You can also invite friends from your friends list and recently met players. 

And that's essentially all you need to know about how to play a 1v1 match in Splitgate. For more on the arena shooter that meshes Halo with Portal, consider checking out our other Splitgate tips articles.

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Published Aug. 12th 2021

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