Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Fast Travel

Horizon: Zero Dawn's fast travel system isn't as straightforward as you'd expect. We'll show you everything you need to know about fast traveling.

With the release of Horizon Zero Dawn  Complete Edition on PC, players are jumping into one of the best open worlds of the generation for the first time (or again after playing it on PS4). That said, you'll probably want to fast travel around the world to make better use of your time. 

In Horizon, fast travel works a little differently than you might expect, so in this guide, we'll walk you through everything you'll need to know. Keep in mind, fast traveling works the same, whether you're on PC or PS4

How to Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Horizon Zero Dawn map showing a green campfire fast travel icon in the middle of the map.

To fast travel, open your map and hover over one of the green Campfires scattered around the world. On PS4, you can press "R2" while hovering on it to fast travel.

For PC, it works the same, but obviously, if you're using a different gamepad or mouse and keyboard, the input will be something different than "R2." The map menu itself will tell you which button or key to press.  

When you do press the Travel button, a small menu will appear, letting you know fast traveling costs 1x Fast Travel Pack. This is to eliminate the ability to simply zip around the map with ease — at least at first. If you don't have a Fast Travel Pack, you can't fast travel.

How to Get a Fast Travel Pack

An inventory screen showing the fast travel pack and the components needed to craft it.

Fast Travel Packs can be acquired in a couple of ways. Either you can purchase one from a merchant with the following materials:

  • 2 Metal Shards
  • 15 Ridge-Wood
  • 1 Rich Meat

Or you can construct them yourself with:

  • 15 Ridge-Wood
  • 1 Fatty Meat
  • 1 Bony Meat

Both are effective  just make sure you take a look at your resources to determine which will work best for you. For us, it was much easier to simply trade with a merchant than to try and make one ourselves, due to the availability of the required materials. 

We do recommend that you at least have one set of resources on hand to make one yourself, just in case you get caught in a spot in which you'd need to fast travel. You'll be annoyed if you run out of packs and the materials needed to craft one, even if exploring Horizon is a fun and rewarding experience.

There is one other way to fast travel towards the latter portion of the game, and it grants you unlimited uses. For this, you'll need the Golden Fast Travel Pack.

Golden Fast Travel Pack

An inventory screen showing a hide bag,case,and pack for golden fast travel pack.

To acquire the Golden Fast Travel Pack, you have to purchase it from a merchant in Meridian City, but it will only be available once you've reached the "Into the Borderlands" quest.

It will cost:

  • 50 Metal Shards
  • 1 Fox Skin
  • 10 Fatty Meats

If you've explored thoroughly and taken the time to hunt animals, you'll probably already have the 50 Metal Shards and the 10 Fatty Meats needed to purchase the pack. If not, Metal Shards are found on the corpses of machines, while Fatty Meats are best acquired from killing wild boars. Though, many animals will reward you with Fatty Meats, so keep hunting, and you'll get 10 in no time.

The real challenge will be in locating and acquiring Fox Skin. It's best to search for foxes in green areas of the map that contain grass. You can click in "R3" on PS4 to easily locate animals around you.

Do note that the Fox Skin won't immediately drop for you. It'll take several tries, but eventually, a fox will drop the skin. Luckily, you only need one. 

That's everything you need to know about fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn, including how to get various travel packs. For more on HZD, please visit its hub page here


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Published Aug. 14th 2020

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