How to Fix Common Errors in Civilization: Beyond Earth (Bugs, Crashes, Resolution, Blurry, Load Screen, .dll Error)

Here are the most common issues Civ BE players are having and how to fix them.

Thankfully, Civilization Beyond Earth is NOT the buggy mess that Civ 5 was on launch - but there are still a handful of day one bugs that a few players are dealing with. Here are a few of the most common issues and how to fix them.

This article will walk you though how to fix the following problems:

  • Game Crashes When I Skip the Intro Cinematic
  • Map is Blurry
  • Game is Stuck at the Load Screen
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth is Not Working/Not Opening Due to .dll Error (Including msvcr110.dll)
  • Change Locked Resolution to HD and 60Hz Refresh Rate (and Extra Mantle Fix)

How to Fix... Game Crashes When I Skip the Intro Cinematic:

This could be frustrating, but thankfully there's a way around it!

During the cinematic:

  1. Press Alt + F4.
  2. When prompted: instead of exiting the game, select NO.
  3. You should now be at the main menu.

How to Fix... Map is Blurry

Go into options and disable the Depth of Field feature. Exit the game, then:

  1. Go to your Civilization: Beyond Earth file in My Games.
  2. Right-click on the GraphicsSettings.ini file and open it with Notepad. (NOTE Caution: altering .ini files can really mess with your game if you do something wrong or tinker with something you know much about.)
  3. Change "EnableDoF = 1" to "EnableDoF = 0".
  4. Save the file, then change the file's properties to read-only.
  5. Restart the game.

How to Fix... Civilization: Beyond Earth is Stuck at the Load Screen:

It's a pretty loading screen, but it's in our way. If you get stuck on this screen, and be sure to give it some time first, then there are two things to do.

  1. Update your graphics card drivers. As covered in our article on updating graphics drivers, it's very easy to do if you are playing via Steam.
  2. If your video card drivers are up to date: re-install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Files. This is a common issue that is easily remedied by re-downloading the files from Microsoft's support site.
  3. Honestly, make sure your computer can handle the game. Clear the dust and give it some extra time, especially if it's your first time loading up certain parts of the game.

How to Fix... Civilization: Beyond Earth is Not Working/Not Opening Due to .dll Error (Including msvcr110.dll):

Most of the time, an error will pop up naming a specific .dll file. Just pay attention to the error message for a .dll suffix located on a named file in the error. Then the first thing to do is:

  1. Reinstall or update DirectX.

If that doesn't work, you can also fix it manually:

  1. Search for the specific .dll file in Google - should pop up easily on sites like
  2. Download the replacement .dll
  3. Copy and paste the file into the game's directory file.

The .dll for msvcr100.dll can be found here. Ignore the flashy advertising and just go for the grey manual fix (on the right) .zip file.

Additionally, there are many .dll 'fixer' applications, but I haven't used them enough to recommend one. They all look, to be honest, pretty sketchy.

How to... Change Locked Resolution to HD and 60Hz Refresh Rate (and Extra Mantle Fix):

This one is just a weird little fix for Beyond Earth, some people had a similar issue in Civ 5. If you don't have AMD Mantle, start in the game's Options menu:

  1. Uncheck the full-screen option and click apply to register the change.
  2. Choose the full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and pick your desired refresh rate (60 Hz recommended). Click apply.
  3. Then, revert back to full-screen mode.

Note: You may have to do this each time you boot the game.

If you do have AMD Mantle, quit the game and then:

  1. Go to your Civilization: Beyond Earth file in My Games.
  2. Right-click on the GraphicsSettings.ini file and open it with Notepad. (NOTE Caution: altering .ini files can really mess with your game if you do something wrong or tinker with something you know much about.)
  3. Change the values of resolution ("WindowResX" and "WindowResY") and refresh rate to the desired values.
  4. Restart the game.


Published Oct. 24th 2014
  • ghfgujt
  • Kasio_7466
    Thanks mate. It's working full hd all right, it was a stupid thing to do but I may be some stupid haha
  • cyrus_8351
    updating videocard drivers worked for me thanks
  • acterhd
    I can't edit messages. Try set Windows 8 compatibility.
  • acterhd
    For fix problems (available only for Windows 8.1 and Mantle), need just setup compatibility mode with Windows 7.
  • CC_4243
    Downloaded and installed from disc onto my windows 7 dell laptop.

    Stuck at loading screen - updated everything that I could possibly update, re-installed Microsoft Visual C++ but still, no dice. If it gets past the loading point, there's just a black screen and then eventually a message letting me know that "Sid Meyers', etc etc.... has stopped working, etc. etc.... blah blah blah".

    Uninstalled and then tried installing game from Steam - still no luck. Wth??? I am, in a word, incensed.
  • hello_5103

    Delete the .ini files from C:\Users\MSI\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth
  • Reid_5239
    I cant even get in the game anymore to change it in the game options so how do I get it back to window mode if it is a tin.y window and will not expand anymore.
  • Neomojo
    I'm past turn 1140 and when I try to launch a satellite from any town there's about a 50% chance for a crash. Have over 500 units under my control so I used Large Address Aware to allow for more ram to be used since I have 16gbs of it, turned the graphics to medium and/or low and shadows off. It bought me maybe an extra 200 turns but now it's crashing before I can even finish my turn. I've spent days preparing for this massive assault and now.... well shit man, just shit.
  • Jonny_6177
    Your article eplained things perfectly!
    Thanks for the info!

    Jonny T
  • iNeedYou
    Im missing leaders voices.. can somebody upload the sound files found on game folder
  • Ariel_2303
    Not helped me at all with my DLL problems
  • Surfcap
    I'm having a problem whereby the two dialog boxes (the unit box in the lower left and the
    'turn box' in the lower right) don't refresh after an action. For instance, if I give the last unit orders, the 'Next Turn' circle doesn't pop up (i.e. the 'unit needs orders' instructions remain). My workaround is to go to the knowledge web (upper left) and then immediatley exit from it. That seems to get those two items updated. Any ideas?
  • FourArms888
    @Russ_6996 me too! I can't find a fix; I've been limping along by just using the hotkeys.
  • WallachIx
    Have same issue command bar just vanished and still gone after multiple restarts of the game anyone know where to enable this again
  • Rachelle_3661
    Having the same problem as gruberik. I play for a while, and then BAM, black screen and that's that. Have to forceclose the game and start from my most recent save point. Sucks :(
  • Russ_6996
    Has anyone else suffered from a GUI bug where all the command icons for every unit disappear? Makes the game totally unplayable.

    Does it with mods running, which of course is down to me.. However it has happened in a non-modded game session too, which is down to the devs.
  • harry_5326
    Alt F4 does not work with me either
  • gruberik
    I have other issue since release. After playing some time my video drivers crash and reboot, Civ screen turns black and never goes back. It's still responsive, but I can't see what I'm doing, only cursor showing and sounds playing as usual. Temporary fix is closing the game and starting anew, but have to start from autosave.
    I have the most recent video drivers installed. Win7 64 bit, GeForce GTX 550 Ti, Driver version 344.48.
    Game settings do not seem to affect it.
  • kyliaar_2359
    This is the same problem I am having, same OS, same card as well. Have you found anything yet? I am going to try to play without anything that tries to pop up notifications as I've seen those cause similar glitches. I am talking about things like gmail or outlook that will have overlays when you receive mail, etc.
  • Landon Sommer
    Have you come across not being able to complete the Harmony Mind Flower? I simply have no option to build it. Can't figure out why. 18 affinty in Harmony, too.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Have you completed all the quest items leading up to the victory condition?
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