ArcheAge Skill Set Guide - Sorcery

A complete guide of what Sorcery has to offer.

With the way the ArcheAge class system works, players will need to know what each skill set brings to the table. In my first series of ArcheAge guides I'll cover each skill set and what they offer.

Sorcery is your typical glass cannon mage skill set. This skill set works extremely well with Occultism and Witchcraft. When you want to bring that extra damage to your magic attacks this is the skill set to consider. You'll have access to several AoE damage abilities  for taking on large groups of enemies. Just keep an eye on your mana and health as both can deplete quickly.

The Skills:

Here I'll list all the skills of and what they do. I'll split the lists up between active skills and passive skills to make the list easier to read.

Active Skills:

These are your attacks, heals, or defensive abilities depending on the skill set.

  • Flamebolt: Deals Magic Damage to an enemy. Can be used up to 3 times in a row without triggering a cooldown. Attack 1: Inflicts Burning for 3.2 seconds. Attack 3: Converts 20% of damage dealt to Subdued enemies to mana; inflicts Conflagration on Burning enemies. All 3 attacks deal 12% additional damage on Chilled targets. Fast skill; no cooldown. Hold down for continuous use.
  • Freezing Arrow: Fires a freezing arrow at an enemy, dealing Magic Damage and reducing Move Speed for 4 seconds.
  • Insulating Lens: Creates a protective ward around the caster. The protection ward prevents those inside from being Tripped and increases Physical Defense by 700.  Falls after absorbing 561 damage. Increases stealth detection by 200%.
  • Arc Lightning: Fires lightning bolts dealing Magic Damage and Shocking an enemy. Deals Magic Damage of 8 seconds to Shocked enemies; also Shocks all other enemies within 2 meters. When this skill levels up it increases damage and cast time.
  • Freezing Earth: Deals damage to all enemies within 8 meters with a chance to Snare for 2.7 seconds. Snare duration reduced by 50% in PvP.
  • Searing Rain: Rains down fire on all enemies in a 10 meter radius for 7 seconds, dealing Magic Damage.
  • Frigid Tracks: Freezes your footprints for 15 seconds. The ice Freezes any enemies who step on it, but melts in 4 seconds.
  • Magic Circle: Summons a Magic Circle around the caster for 20 seconds. Increases Magic Attack and Magic Crit Rate while within the magic circle.
  • Chain Lightning: Fires lightning bolts dealing Magic Damage and Shocking an enemy. May also affect other enemies within 5 meters. Can strike up to 5 times dealing 50% less damage with each subsequent hit.
  • Flame Barrier: Calls forth a wall of fire that deals Fire Damage and Slows for 5 seconds.
  • Meteor Strike: Calls down a meteor, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in the target area. Also inflicts Trips on all enemies hit for 3 seconds.
  • God's Whip: Calls down lightning on a target area to deal Magic Damage to enemies in a 6 meter radius; inflicts Electrick Shock on enemies within a 5 meter radius. Can be used consecutively up to 5 times, with each attack dealing more damage but costing more mana.

Passive Skills:

Passive skills require a certain amount of skill points used within the set to allow point allocation into them. Passive skills buff the skill set once you unlock them, allowing for easier combat. In addition to the skill's effect, I'll list how many spent points are needed before you can allocate points to the passive skill.

  • Mana Pool Increase: Increases max mana by 15%. (Requires 2 points spent in Sorcery.)
  • Magic Range Boost: Increases the range for Sorcery skills by 5 meters. (Requires 4 points spent in Sorcery.)
  • Efficient Sorcery: Decreases the mana cost for Sorcery skills by 15%. (Requires 6 points spent in Sorcery.)
  • Mana Flurry: Decreases Cast Time for all skills by 6%. (Requires 7 points spent in Sorcery.)
  • Recuperation: Decreases the duration of Sleep and Fear by 10%. (Requires 8 points spent in Sorcery.)
  • Magic Precision: Increases Magic Critical Rate by 10%. (Requires 9 points spent in Sorcery.)
  • Aranzeb's Infusion: Increases Sorcery skill damage by 15%. (Requires 10 points spent in Sorcery.)

I hope this gives a clear view of what the Sorcery skill set offers your build. For more guides on ArcheAge check my content directory.

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Published Sep. 23rd 2014
  • PD_1980
    This is not a guide, it is a copy/paste of the tool tip. Asshat.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    you have to unlock the skillset for the information. Instead of having to unlock each skillset and then paying to swap them, I have every skillset's information in one location, it's a guide of convenience. If you're looking for builds or skill rotations you should either try searching for such or asking for such in the comments. Uncivilized comments however, get you no closer to the information you are searching for.
  • Konfess.
    I think what would have made this guide more useful would have been informed evaluation of the utility of each skill. BTW, at level Five this information becomes available free of charge.

    As A Cultist (Sorc / Vit / ocult) I use the Sorc Tree exclusively. Freezing Arrow followed by Flamebolt is your goto skill. Because of the FA slow mobs rarely get to you, but by the 2nd or 3rd map they will. Insulating Lens is my 3rd skill taken, it makes a cloth wearer survivable. The damage absorbed increases will level. You will go 3 mobs before having to reapply, and that is about the time of the cool down.

    Next is Mana Pool Increase, most other guides are all about maxing crit. I am all about surviving. When I team up with other spell casters, they are all ways depleted. Be it a quest or a raid, there mana pool drops like an SUV & so does their health. MPI (4 skill points taken) will unlock Magic Range Boost, again this means survivability. No mob in game seems to have this, so you do more damage as they run to get in range. I have yet to see a damage that bypasses IL.

    Arc Lightning IMO is a useless skill, in that is is slow to cast and draws adds. Using it drops my dps.

    But it allows me to take, Efficient Sorcery. ES is a -15% in mana cost, and I think it is the real reason I never run out of mana in a fight. Compared to other spell casters I do more damage, drawing all the agro, and use 1/4 or less mana pool compared to their 1/2 or more for less damage.

    I give up AL when I get to 25 and can take Searing Rain, it takes care of adds, doesn’t draw them like AL.

    From this point on I take all the Passive skills, they don’t take mana, cast time, or cool downs. They all make your DPS go up. What else you take in Sorc is up to you after spending these 11 points.

    Freezing Earth is a good combo duo with FA & FB (skills 1 & 2) especially in PvP.

    You can try Frigid Tracks, I didn’t find it useful. Took too long to cast, and you can’t DPS when you are running away.

    Magic Circle makes you a visible rooted target in PvP. I use it in raids and PvE, other casters love the buff.

    Last skill I can comment on is Chain Lightning, I team this with Searing Rain for adds. Instant cast time in my book means I get two spells for the cast time of one. Much better than Arc Lightning in my book.

    I will try Flame Barrier but may not keep it. I favor Meteor Strike for raids. The more skills you take in a single tree the less you have for the other two.

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