The Ascent Double Charge Quest Guide

Double Charge is an early sidequest in The Ascent that rewards you with XP, a new attack, and some useful knowledge. Here is where to find it, and how to complete it.

Early in The Ascent you have a chance to grab a sidequest, called Double Charge. This is an easy quest, and it comes with a great reward in the form of a sweet new augment. We are here to make sure you don’t miss out, with our guide to completing the Double Charge sidequest in The Ascent.

You can start this sidequest early in The Ascent. As soon as you arrive at Cluster 13, the first town in the game, head to the west, and look for the yellow quest marker.

Inside of a small building is Beezelchek. For reasons that somehow boil down to “science” he needs you to kill 10 enemies with something called Stasis Overcharge.

The Ascent: How to Stasis Overcharge

Achieving stasis overcharge is a two-part process. First, enemies need to be afflicted with Stasis, a useful status effect that temporarily freezes enemies in place. Next, you need to do enough damage while the enemies are afflicted by stasis, causing the enemies to explode.  

The easiest way to achieve that at this stage of the game is to go the Cyber vendor, indicated on your mini map with the Eye symbol, and purchase the Stasis Drone. This tactical ability deploys small autonomous robots that will apply stasis to enemies in a proximity around you.

The Ascent: How to Complete Double Charge

Once you have Stasis Drone equipped you will need to wait for your energy to fill up. Activate Stasis Drone near enemies, and fill them full of bullets. It doesn’t take much damage to activate Stasis Overcharge in regular enemies. Repeat this process until you have 10 Stasis Overkills.  

Once you complete all of your kills head back to Cluster 13, and find Beezelchek. Interact with him to turn in the mission.

For your trouble you will be awarded with 2200 experience points, and the Stasis Stomp Augmentation, an AOE ability that launches enemies into the air and afflicts them with statis. Perfect for you setting up more enemies for Stasis Overcharge.

There you have it, follow along and you’ve got some sweet new power, and a nice chunk of XP. For more info on how to be the ultimate cyberpunk killing machine in the Ascent, be sure to check out our game hub for all things The Ascent.


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Published Aug. 6th 2021

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