Bravely Second Catmancer Job Guide

Master the copycat Job in Bravely Second, Catmancer, with this guide!

Catmancer in Bravely Second is like the Vampire in Bravely Default, or Blue Mage in the Final Fantasy series. You can learn enemy abilities and use them as your own. If you're into cats, there is the added bonus of dressing up in a cat suit and gathering cat items.

Catmancer can fill multiple roles and has overall good stats so you can do whatever you want. If versatility is what you want, look no further than the Catmancer Job. Be sure to visit my Bravely Second Master Guide List for more guides and tips for the game.

This guide will go over everything about Catmancer in Bravely Second including:

  • Unlocking Catmancer - How to unlock the Job.
  • Equipment Guide - The optimal equips for this Job.
  • Ability List - Each ability and when you get them.
  • Cross Job Tips - Which Jobs work well with this one.
  • Combat Tips - How to use this in battles. 

Unlocking Catmancer

You unlock Catmancer after defeating Minette in Harena Sea Caves in Chapter 1.

Equipment Guide

Catmancer has S rank in Knuckles and Axes.

Bravely Second Catmancer stats


  • Light armor is what you want for the extra magic defense it gives you.
  • You can use a shield if you equip an Ax, but Knuckles take up both slots.
  • Accessories depend on what you want to do. INT or MP if you want to focus on magic. STR or Crit for physical damage. You can also just increase HP or Defense.


  • Knuckles or Axes are what you should usually equip. Rods with the Rod Lore support ability is good for magic attack.

Ability List

The specialty for Catmancer is Learning.

  • Learning - Learn certain enemy abilities when used against you.
    • Only one party member needs to have Learning equipped for everyone to get it.

Level 1

  • Catmancy - Consume cat food items to wield abilities learned from your foes.

Level 2

  • Catnap - 50% chance of putting all enemies to sleep.

Level 3

  • Attack Item Amp (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Raise the damage dealt by attack items to 1.5 times the normal value.

Level 4

  • Dig - Dig for cat food items in battle. The items vary by area.

Level 5

  • Mislead - Lower your chances of being targeted by enemies to the lowest level possible.

Level 6

  • Learning (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Lets you use the Catmancer specialty on other Jobs.

Level 7

  • Whisker Sense (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Increases the party's chance of gaining first strike or scoring a Brave Attack by 5%. Does not stack if other party members also have this ability.

Level 8

  • Cat Mastery - Consume cat food items to wield abilities learned from your foes.
    • These abilities require 2 items instead of 1.

Level 9

  • HP 20% Up (Support Skill. Cost: 1) - Raise maximum HP by 20%.

Level 10

  • Purrfect Stance - Raise your P.Def and M.Def to their maximum values for 10 turns.

Level 11

  • Meow to the Max - Increases the damage dealt by all catmancy and cat mastery moves by 150%.

Cross Job Tips

Bravely Second Catmancer job 

  • Freelancer is great for the Waste Not support ability because it gives you a 50% chance to not use up items, which is used in all the Catmancy and Cat Mastery abilities.
  • Patissier is nice if you want the debuffing abilities they have. Mixing with the Freelancer skills will make that character a master of items.
  • Time Mage is good if you want the M.Atk 20% Up.
  • Charioteer is good if you want Triple or quad Wield, or the P.Attack 20% Up ability.

Combat Tips

Catmancer is a great Job for survival and attacking groups of enemies at once.

White Wind can be a great ability if you have a lot of HP since it heals based on the user's current HP. This works well with the support ability they have to increase max HP.

Bone Crush can deal a lot of damage if the enemy is enfeebled, so that's great to use if you also use Patissier.

You can use Catmancer as a BP Battery, someone who keeps your other members at high BP, by using Vigor Tonic. Just be sure to get plenty of cat food items and the Waste Not Freelancer ability if you do this.

That wraps up my Bravely Second Catmancer Job guide. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Apr. 30th 2016

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