FFXII: The Zodiac Age Hunt Club and Trophy Rare Game Guide

From Thief's Cuffs to the Zodiac Spear, there's something for everyone at the Phon Hunt Club Outfitters.

The Phon Coast Hunt Club is one side quest in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age you may very well completely overlook, but its rewards are worth the effort if you decide to take the time to hunt down the many rare game found sprawled across Ivalice.

Many of the items you can get from the Phon Coast Hunt Club are in fact second copies of other incredibly rare items such as Thief's Buffs, Genji Gloves, Masamune, Tula, and the Zodiac Spear. This sounds amazing, but there's a catch: You can't get everything.

So let's talk about how to get this Hunt Club unlocked, details on the rare game you must hunt down, and the potential rewards you can get from the Bangaa brothers.

Opening up the Phon Coast Hunt Club

This part is easy.

Once you finish the events at Draklor Laboratory, make your way back to the Phone Coast and look for a small house with four Bangaas outside. It's approximately across from the area's main vendor.

Talking to the head Bangaa and responding positively will get the ball rolling. He will ask you to hunt down the Thalassinon in the nearby Vaadu Strand, which you should be able to do with ease. Simply head to the Vaadu Strand, head up the cliff to the far side of the map, and look down to see the hulking tortoise below.

After you defeat the Thalassinon you head back to the Bangaa and really get this side quest started.

How the Phon Hunt Club works

I'd like to say this is the tricky part, but it really isn't.

Once you return after defeating the Thalassinon and returning with its trophy, you are officially part of the Hunt Club and are expected to bring trophies back for the brothers Atak, Blok, and Stok. This is where the real hunt begins.

There are 80 total rare game you can hunt down in FF12:TZA, but only 30 of them grant trophies to grant the brothers. These are called trophy rare games. None of the 30 will spawn until you initiate the quest and, as you'd expect, they are geared toward high-mid to late-game parties.

If you do not want to deal with the level 60+ rare trophy games popping up in certain areas, you may not want to initiate this quest until you are ready. Disma, in particular, is a real beast.

You will receive a trophy once you defeat the applicable rare game. Trophies can be given to one of the three brothers to go toward armor, weapons, and accessories depending on how many you've given to each. The items can be bought for Gil, often for very high prices.

Talk to the Shifty-eyed Man to the right of the brothers, after which he will become "Outfitters" to sell Hunt goods.

Hunt Club rewards

Here are the rewards you can get from the Hunt Club, what they do, and how many trophies/Gil they cost.

Do note that none of these items are unique to this sidequest. Every single item here can be procured by other means, including the Zodiac Spear.

Item Trophies Gil cost
Thief's Cuffs
(Accessories 8)
Enables the theft of superior and rare items.
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 1
Golden Amulet
(Accessories 6)
Doubles license points earned.
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 15
Platinum Armor
(Heavy Armor 8)
49 DEF +7 ATK
Atak: 0
Blok: 1
Stok: 0
(Katanas 3)
+71 ATK +35 Evade
Atak: 1
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
Ruby Ring
(Accessories 15)
Equip: Reflect
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 5
Minerva Bustier
(Light Armor 10)
+50 DEF +610 HP
Atak: 0
Blok: 5
Stok: 0
Turtleshell Choker
(Accessories 7)
Allows casting to use Gil instead of MP.
+5 MAG Power +5 SPD
Atak: 5
Blok: 5
Stok: 12
Holy Lance
(Spears 5)
+91 ATK +8 Evade
Atak: 5
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
(Katanas 4)
+96 ATK +29 Evade
Atak: 10
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
Black Mask
(Mystic Armor 10)
Absorb: Dark
+53 MAG Resist +81 MP +8 MAG Power
Atak: 5
Blok: 15
Stok: 5
Opal Ring
(Accessories 20)
Magicks will not bounce off targets with Reflect.
+5 MAG Power +2 Evade
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 10
(Heavy Armor 11)
+64 ATK +1 MAG Resist +9 STR +6 SPD
Atak: 5
Blok: 10
Stok: 5
White Mask
(Mystic Armor 11)
Absorb: Light
+56 MAG Resist +81 MP +8 MAG Power
Atak: 0
Blok: 10
Stok: 0
(Swords 8)
+95 ATK +5 Evade
Atak: 15
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
Cat-ear Hood
(Accessories 16)
Obtained LP becomes Gil.
+3 SPD
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 20
Bubble Belt
(Accessories 17)
Equip: Bubble
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 25
(Ninja Swords 1)
10% chance to Disable.
+94 ATK +18 Evade
Atak: 20
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
Aegis Shield
(Shields 6)
+13 Evade +50 MAG Evade
Atak: 0
Blok: 15
Stok: 0
Indigo Pendant
(Accessories 19)
Improves chance to strike with Magicks.
+7 SPD
Atak: 1
Blok: 1
Stok: 25
Artemis Bow
(Bows 7)
+94 ATK

Artemis Arrows
Earth element
+5 ATK
Atak: 12
Blok: 5
Stok: 5
Eight-fluted Pole
(Poles 6)
+91 ATK +30 Evade
Atak: 10
Blok: 5
Stok: 0
Ultima Blade
(Greatswords 3)
+109 ATK +20 Evade
Atak: 25
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
(Crossbows 4)
+91 ATK +5 Evade

Grand Bolts
+4 ATK
Atak: 25
Blok: 1
Stok: 1
Dueling Mask
(Light Armor 13)
+55 MAG Evade +800 HP +2 STR
Atak: 0
Blok: 20
Stok: 0
Grand Helm
(Heavy Armor 12)
+50 MAG Resist +12 STR +10 VIT
Atak: 0
Blok: 25
Stok: 0
Lordly Robes
(Mystic Armor 13)
+61 DEF +100 MP +5 STR +15 MAG Power
Atak: 1
Blok: 25
Stok: 1
Grand Armor
(Heavy Armor 12)
+67 DEF +12 STR
Atak: 0
Blok: 30
Stok: 0
(Accessories 21)
Reverses effects of restorative items such as potions.
Atak: 0
Blok: 0
Stok: 30
Genji Gloves
(Genji Armor)
Improves chance of scoring multiple hits.
+3 MAG Power
Atak: 5
Blok: 5
Stok: 15
+111 ATK +33 Evade
Atak: 30
Blok: 0
Stok: 0
Zodiac Spear
20% chance to disable.
+141 ATK +8 Evade

Zodiac Escutcheon
Immune: Lightning
+75 Evade +45 MAG Evade
Atak: 10
Blok: 10
Stok: 10


There's another way to approach giving them trophies

If will receive special rewards if you give the brothers certain amounts of trophies, and the total amount you give each one will affect the rewards. So rushing 10-10-10 for the Zodiac Spear and Escutcheon isn't necessarily the right way to go about it.

  • If you give Atak 15 or less you will get a Staff of the Magi
    • If you give Atak 16 or more you will get a Zodiac Spear
  • If you give Blok 15 or less you will get an Ensanguined Shield
    • If you give Blok 16 or more you will get a Zodiac Excutcheon
  • If you give Stok 15 or less you will get a Sage's Ring
    • If you give Stok 16 or more you will get a Ribbon

Trophy rare game locations

As mentioned above, these rare games will only spawn once you initiate the Hunt Club sidequest. Don't worry that you've killed them before starting it because you definitely have not.

Something worth noting about these enemies is that they will not spawn again once they are defeated. This sounds reasonable, but a fair number of them have rare items you probably want to get your hands on.

If you steal from one and find that you want to get another of received item, you can go back a couple screens and come back to (hopefully) steal from it again. Though you may have to go through the effort to get it to spawn again.

Name & Approx. LVL Spawn Location & Condition
Approx. level: 49
Ridorana Cataract
Echoes from Time's Garden
30% chance to spawn.
Approx. level: 42
Zertinan Caverns
The Undershore
Get a kill chain on 12 Mellicants in the area.
Approx. level: 29
Paramina Rift
Karydine Glacier
Defeat all enemies in the area.
Approx. level: 38
Sochen Cave Palace
Mirror of the Soul
Go through the Pilgrim's Door. (See below table for route to open and enter)
Approx. level: 48
Nabreus Deadlands
The Slumbermead
40% chance to spawn at the southeast of the area.
Approx. level: 42
Cerobi Steppe
Feddik River
40% chance to spawn.
Approx. level: 62
Pharos - Second Ascent
Station of Ascension
40% chance to spawn.
Biding Mantis
Approx. level: 47
Golmore Jungle
The Needlebrake
Will appear when/if the in-game clock is between 30 and 59 minutes.
Approx. level: 42
Cerobi Steppe
40% chance to spawn.
Bull Chocobo
Approx. level: 47
Ogir-Yensa Sandsea
South Tank Approach
40% chance to spawn.
Crystal Knight
Approx. level: 61
Great Crystal
Loop from Way Stone XX to the Sagittarius switch and then return to Way Stone XX, going clockwise.
Approx. level: 50
Mosphoran Highwaste
Skyreach Ridge
40% chance to spawn.
Approx. level: 60
Lhusu Mines
Site 5, Site 6 South
5% chance to replace a Dark Lord.
Approx. level: 46
The Feywood
Walk of Dancing Shadow
May replace a Mirrorknight.
Approx. level: 46
Garamsythe Waterway
No. 10 Channel
Found at the most southwest area of the map. Wait after arriving.
Approx. level: 38
Tchita Uplands
Uazcuff Hills
Chance to replace a Coeurl.
Approx. level: 43
Barheim Passage
East-West Bypass, The Zeviah Span
May be present on entry, but the chance of it spawning rises the longer you are in the area.
Kaiser Wolf
Approx. level: 41
Dalmasca Westersand
Corridor of Sand
Kill the Lindbur Wolf in the Westersand's Shimmering Horizons, then go to the Corridor of Sand without leaving the area. 40% chance to spawn.
Approx. level: 44
Ozmone Plain
The Switchback
Will appear when/if the in-game clock is between 10 and 39 minutes.
Approx. level: 38
Tchita Uplands
The Highland
40% chance to spawn.
Approx. level: 48
Henne Mines
Pithead Junction B
50% chance to spawn after flipping the switchboard.
Approx. level: 42
Stilshrine of Miriam
Ward of Velitation
Kill all three Dragon Aevises, exit the room, then enter again for it to spawn.
Approx. level: 45
Giza Plains (Dry)
Starfall Field
Chance to spawn instead of the Sleipnir at the southeast part of the area.
Approx. level: 36
Piebald Path
Spawns after being in the area for a minute.
Approx. level: 37
Phon Coast
Cape Tialan
40% chance to spawn.
Terror Tyrant
Approx. level: 50
Dalmasca Estersand
Broken Sands
40% chance to replace Wild Saurian.
Approx. level: 38
Phon Coast
Vaadu Strand
Stand on the cliff at the far edge of the map and look down.
Approx. level: 46
Nam-Yensa Sandsea
Yellow Sands
40% chance to spawn.
Approx. level: 50
Necrohol of Nabudis
Hall of the Ivory Covenant
Aggro a Dark Elemental in the area.
Approx. level: 38
Sochen Cave Palance
Destiny's March
Kill all Wendigos in the area.
Zombie Lord
Approx. level: 39
Tome of Raithwall
North-fall Passage
Will appear when/if the in-game clock is between 0 and 29 minutes.


How to open the Pilgrim's Door in the Sochen Cave Palace

I can't edit images well to save my life, but here is a (hopefully) helpful drawing of the route you must take in the Sochen Cave Palace to open the Pilgrim's Door and make way for Anubys, which will spawn as soon as you enter the room.

If this guide helped you and you're looking for even more information on the game, check out our other Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age guides!

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