Vampyr Guide - A Simple Token of Filial Love

Where to find Seymour's necklace and how to get the most hints out of the quest A Simple Token of Filial Love in Vampyr.

A Simple Token of Filial Love is one of many side Investigations found in Vampyr. You get it after talking to Seymour Fishburn around the southern edge of the Docks. He asks you to find a necklace that he lost -- one that he intended as a gift for his mother, Stella Fishburn.

In this guide, we'll cover everything from where to find the necklace, whether to give it to Seymour or Stella, and which dialogue options will offer up the most hints. Let's dive in!

A Simple Token of Filial Love Walkthrough

In order to find the necklace, start from where you met Seymour at the southern edge of the Docks, facing the pier. Head down the stairs and turn right. On the right you'll discover a narrow corridor with barrels blocking the path. Smash them with your weapon and continue inside.

To your left you'll find a locked chest and to your right you'll find a pile of bodies. Investigate the bodies and you'll come across a Bloody Necklace alongside a note intended for Seymour's mother.

At this point you can choose whether you want to bring it back to Seymour or deliver it to Stella yourself. However, if you want to earn the most hints from A Simple Token of Filial Love in Vampyr, you'll have to return the necklace to Seymour.

Upon giving the necklace to Seymour, you'll learn your first hint about him. Respond with "I want to try to understand" and you'll unlock the ability to ask him some more personal questions.

Go through the new personal questions to unlock another hint about Seymour and one about his mother, Stella. This unlocks a new personal question you can ask about his mother. Ask him about it and respond with "I understand her dilemma" in order to unlock a final hint about Stella.

Vampyr Hospital

And that's everything you need to do in order to complete and earn the most hints out of the A Simple Token of Filial Love Investigation.

Are you stuck on any more Investigations in Vampyr? Be sure to leave all your questions and comments down below!

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Published Jun. 9th 2018

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