A Beginner's Guide to Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Adventure

Have a decent grasp on Grim Soul? This guide will take your game to the next level and prepare you to conquer the Forsaken Dungeon!

For fans of Dark Souls and survival games, Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Adventure brings these two concepts together and introduces a difficult mobile game for you to try surviving in. Not only do you need wit to handle these harsh landscapes, but you will have to manage your inventory and base in order to succeed.

This game does not come with a tutorial and the developers expect you to figure out several details on your own. Many of them you naturally learn as you level up throughout the game and find new resources, but some of them may allude your notice for quite some time. In this guide you'll read about several helpful tips to keep yourself alive and acquire the best loot possible.

Increase Your Attack Speed

This is a simple technique you can use during any engagement you find yourself in. Each time your character moves forward to do an attack, briefly pull away from your opponent. Your character will pull away, but as soon as they do return to combat as quickly as you can and continue attacking them. To successfully increase your attack speed you need to do this after each complete hit.

Doing this increases the frequency of your character's attack by a small amount. While it's not a lot, it does give you an advantage against the tougher foes you're going to encounter and it can provide you with a better chance of beating NPC player characters who randomly spawn in on your map.

Avoid The Night Guest With Red Symbols

The unkillable Night Guest prowls the map during the night time. The creature is terrified of only thing -- fire. The best thing for you to do is to always have a torch sitting in your inventory when you're out looting the world at night. Though, you can still survive encounters with him if you're fast enough. And no, you do not have to leave the map.

You need to find one of the larger red symbols drawn on the ground. The Night Guest cannot cross over this symbol. After a few minutes, the Night Guest should leave the map and bother you no more. Don't rely on this every time you loot at night, as they randomly show up on the maps.

Kite Slower Enemies

While exploring you may have run into one of the heavily armored Damned Knights. These slow moving creatures lumber around the map, lock on to you, and chase you until you've left the area. Because they hit extremely hard, you may have thought it better to run away as soon as they show up. But you can use their slow movement to your advantage. To do this you need to craft a Cart Thill and have it equipped.

When one of these terrors show up, run away from them and locate a tree somewhere on the map. When the Damned Knight arrives to the tree they're going to attempt to bypass it to get to you. You need to avoid the enemy's heavy attack by running your character around the tree.

Every so often have your character attack the Damned Knigh. As soon as you land the hit, continue running around the tree. Because of the creature's slow movement, they won't have a chance to hit you. You should eventually kill them after you've done this several times.

You can only do this with the Cart Thill. Other weapons do not have the same reach. You can also use this technique on Damned Templars.

Locating Night Caches

As you start to find yourself vying to acquire higher level loot, you may traverse the areas with three skulls. These locations are filled with plenty of foes and bags for you to loot containing great items. However, the best time to visit these locations is at night. When night falls, you have the opportunity for a night cache to appear.

These rare night caches contain some of the best loot in the game, except for the ones you can take from the Forsaken Dungeon. They spawn in the middle of the map, meaning you have to wade through many of the enemies to get to it. You can likely leave a few on the outskirts but it's better to get them all as the night cache takes three times longer to open than a chest does.

Due to how many foes spawn on this map, you need to bring multiple weapons. Several of them may break. 

Also, because they only show up at night you need to bring a torch with you whenever you're hunting for these. You risk having the Night Guest visit you and you do not want to bet all of the loot you gathered on there being red symbols for you to hide in.

The Gatekeeper

One of the events you can have pop up on your map is the Dead Body event. There's plenty of strong foes wandering around at this location, so make sure to bring weapons and armor with you.

An item you can loot off of the dead body is the Gatekeeper's Hut Map. This will take you to the game's first boss character, the Gatekeeper. He moves just as slow Damned Knights and Templars, but you cannot kite him. He simply destroys the small objects in his way. If you defeat him you can loot plenty of great items from inside of his hut, plus a key to the Forsaken Order dungeon granting you access to the forbidden area. 

Note: You can only have the Gatekeeper's Hut Map drop at level 15.

Though the Gatekeeper looks fearsome you can defeat him using a few simple tactics.


Just like the other slower moving foes wandering this map you need to use his movement speed against him. Because you can't kite him, one of the weapons you need to take with you is the halberd. You can acquire this item by looting it from one of the stronger player zones located on your map, or from a night cache.

The two other weapons should consist of a Bastard Sword or a FalchionYou don't use these weapons against the Gatekeeper, they come in handy later during your fight. Make sure to bring along plenty of healing items.

Fighting The Gatekeeper

Unlike Dark Souls, the Gatekeeper does not change up his tactics during the fight. All he does is chase after you attempt to attack you. This is where you use you equip your halberd and use the technique you learned early -- successfully land an attack against the Gatekeeper, and the run away. Because he's slower than the Damned Knights and Templars, if you run away he can't attack you.

During this fight, Plague Wolves will show up to help the Gatekeeper to kill you. When they show up, peel away from the Gatekeeper, swap to one of your swords, and kill the wolves. You do not want to waste the durability of your halberd against them. Only use it on the Gatekeeper. 

The wolves will show up throughout your fight and they will damage you. After you've defeated them, use this time to heal up, and then reengage the Gatekeeper with your halberd.

Looting the Gatekeeper's Hut

After you defeated the Gatekeeper and his wolves, you can loot his hut. Unfortunately, you're going to treat it like a player's hut and you need use a bomb on the front door. You can leave the area to return to your base to grab one, and then return to claim your prize.

This is recommended as there you can loot several items from this location upon defeating the Gatekeeper.


These great tips should help you conquer a lot of the harder concepts going on in Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Adventure.

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Published Jul. 5th 2018

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