Hyper Light Drifter weapons guide

Hyper Lighter Drifter has a lot of baddies that want to hurt you. Here's the weapon guide so you can harm, maim, and blow them to smithereens first.

Hyper Light Drifter is the latest 2D action RPG available on Steam. The game is challenging, and often very unforgiving as it tests your skills to the limit. The world is dangerous to say the least, so here's a guide to all the weapons in the game. With all these weapons at hand, you'll be able to inflict all manner of pixelated violence. 

Spoiler Warning: This guide will reveal weapon locations that also correspond to the story moments.



The Drifter's primary weapon is available from the beginning of the game. Successful hits with the sword recharge your weapon ammo. The sword features a 3-hit combo and nothing more (please don't over do it). There's a total of 11 swords in the game that go hand in hand with the 11 different collectible outfits.



The pistol is your first firearm that you will find in the game's initial area. It can be found on someone's dead body. The pistol has the fastest firing rate among all the weapons. It can also be upgraded to hold a maximum of nine bullets (as pictured).


Hand Cannon

This weapon is used by The Hanged Man boss of the West. After defeating him in battle you'll be rewarded with wielding it for yourself. You'll just have to first pry it from his lifeless body. It's the second slowest weapon in your arsenal. 


Laser Rifle

The rifle is found after defeating the Hierophant boss of the North. It's located in the next room and found on a skeleton. The Drifter certainly knows it'll be of more use to himself. This long range weapon has the third best firing rate.


It found after claiming victory over the Toad King of the East. In the next room it can be liberated from the body of the Toad King's leftovers. The shotgun is ranked fourth in terms of its firing rate. 



Bombs can be purchased within the hub town in the southern shop, and a great for room clearing. While you can only carry a maximum of two bombs, they recharge over time. Make sure you take advantage of that.


Shard Gun

This gun is found past the 8 module locked door found in the east. After proceeding downstairs, it'll be found after a 3 module door that leads to another 8 module room. After defeating a horde, you'll be rewarded with the shard gun. This gun is the second fastest weapon to use.


Rail Gun

This firearm is found in the southern desert beyond the 8 module door. Eventually, you'll reach a room flooded with enemies. After clearing the room, you'll find your reward on another lucky person's skeleton. The rail gun is the most destructive weapon, but is dead last when it comes to firing speed.

This guide wouldn't not be possible if it wasn't for the hard work of the Hyper Light Drifter Steam Community.

Were we wrong about any locations or details? Please feel free to share in the comments section.


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Published Apr. 26th 2016

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