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Want to know how to get all the skins in We show you how to easily unlock every single one from the rat to the leopard!

Arriving on the mobile scene to officially bump off the top spot as the reigning king of time wasters, offers up a summer-themed take on the freemium style. Here, you need to hit the end of the slide before the other bots, but it's nothing if you don't do it in style with the right skin. 

If you're wondering how to unlock new skins so you can look your best while beating the competition, we've got you. Skin Unlock Requirements

The bear skin in Aquapark.ioSome skins are unlocked by completing achievements (check out the full list below), while others are earned by spending gold.

You could buy 2,500 coins for $0.99 (or 10,000 for $2.99) but honestly, it doesn't take that long to earn enough coins to buy what you need for free.

To get all skins quickly, you need to come in first place every time and get the maximum kills in a match, then make sure to watch the bonus video for double rewards, which can net you up to 400 coins per run.

So, how exactly do you win in every single match?

The simplest method is to get 10 kills per match by bumping the bot players from the side to knock them off the track. If you're the only player left, obviously, you default to 1st Place.

Be careful not to nudge them from the bottom, however, as that actually gives them a speed boost instead of knocking them off the side of the rail!

Don't prefer to go the serial killer route and want a legitimate win? Make sure to hit the yellow arrow icons for a huge speed boost. But what if you are in a level without any yellow arrow boosts? You can get a temporary speed boost by taking advantage of the bump system.

Rather than bumping enemy bots off the side of the track, position yourself in front of them so that they hit you from the bottom. This works exactly the same way as if you had hit an enemy from the bottom: the bot will actually give you a short speed boost for a few seconds!

You can keep doing this as often as you want whenever a bot is close behind you.

Finally, make sure to avoid the orange blocks, which spawn randomly on one or two tiles at a time and will slow you down if they are struck. These can be tough to avoid if you are using yellow speed boosts, but once you get used to the track layouts, it isn't hard to lure bots toward the blocks and then shift out of the way at the last second so they hit it instead.

Now that you know the basics of how to earn gold quickly, here's how to unlock every single skin currently available in

  • Bear: Get a 1st place win
  • Zebra: Finish 1st place 20 times
  • Rat: Watch three reward videos (note you must do this from the skins screen; the bonus reward videos at the end of a match don't count!)
  • Cow: Get 150 kills
  • Tiger: Perform 150 jumps 
  • Polar Bear: Play two consecutive days
  • Lion: Play seven consecutive days
  • Rabbit: Revive 10 times
  • Monkey: 200 coins
  • Pig: 300 coins
  • Cat: 500 coins
  • Panther: 500 coins
  • Horse: 1,500 coins
  • Panda: 2,500 coins
  • Leopard: 5,000 coins

That's all you need to know about unlocking skins in There are still two locked skins pages that are listed as "coming soon," so we'll be sure to update this guide once those hit the park. 

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Published Jul. 10th 2019

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