Brave Frontier Guide: How to Get More Zel

Simple tips to increase the amount of Zel you make playing though Brave Frontier. No downloads or hacks required.

Zel is one of the three currencies in Brave Frontier.

  • Zel: Used for Unit Evolution and Fusion
  • Karma: Used for upgrading your town and surroundings
  • Gems: Premium (buyable) currency that can buy a chance at rare summons, expand your item or unit inventory, purchase energy, and provide other player perks.

Since Karma and Zel are not purchased, you gain them naturally as you progress throughout the game, but there are some actions that will reward you more than others.

How to Get More Zel

Open the Chests!

If you're used to other games, be warned: treasure chests aren't going to loot themselves; not in Brave Frontier at least. Forget to click on the chest and open it before you leave battle, and you are literally leaving cash on the playing field. Bad move.

Hit enemies as often as possible

Don't need a three unit combo strike to finish the enemy? Use it anyway. The more hits you land on opponents, the more Zel and Karma you'll earn from battle.

Don't skip Weekend Special Votex Gate Battle: The Golden Vault

On weekends you can access the Golden Vault, and rack up Zel. Jewel type units are also more common in the Golden Vault, and if you are willing to sell them they go for great prices.

Level 1 Contents: Jewel Ghost Chest with 1,000 Zel, potentially a Jewel Ghost or two. The boss Jewel Ghost does not leave a chest, but is available for capture (and sells well).

Level 2 Contents: Jewel Ghost Chest with 2,000 Zel, possible Jewel King Chest with 5,000 Zel. You will encounter the Jewel Ghost you're familiar with from Level 1, and there is also a potential for encountering a Jewel King on this level. Capture the Jewel King boss to sell if possible.

Level 3 Contents: Jewel Ghost Chests with 3,000 Zel, Jewel King Chest at 7,000 Zel, Jewel God Chest at 10,000 Zel. Expect to encounter Jewel Ghosts, random Jewel Kings are possible as are random encounters with Jewel Gods prior to the boss. The boss battle with Jewel God unit will not leave a chest, but (you guessed it) you can potentially capture and sell the unit for a handsome profit.

Which leads us to...

Never fuse Jewel Units - Sell them

Fuse at your own risk, especially if they are higher levels - if you don't sell these units you will have missed out on heaps of Zel.

Equip Items that Boost Zel Drop Rate

The Zelnite Ring boosts the drop rate of Zel - You'll need a Level 14 Sphere House,  85,000 Karma, and the following materials:

  • Prized Stone x3
  • Honor Bone x20
  • Honor Pelt x20
  • Skill Bracer x1
  • Holy Blade x1

Have more Zel boosting tips we haven't included here? Share them below!

Comment with your own tips, or share your own Brave Frontier Guide! Other players will thank you.

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Published Feb. 27th 2014
  • Dante_3986
    Zelnite Ring needs only 15,000 Karma to create it, not 85k.
  • Giver_6987
    The attack with more units is a bit incomplete, it works, but it works better if you does a spark with them, it boosts all the drops a bit
  • Tab_8417
    You can also scroll through your available friends to see if any of them have a unit that increases zel somehow and bring them into the battle!
  • Satori A.
    I was looking up this information and still testing it out but in consideration to the Zel...
    I was thinking of using the "Great Thief Leon" -- having evolved him and equipping him with the Zelnite Ring.

    I am not sure if it will add to the boost or not but I was thinking it might.
    Currently, I am testing it out by using him as my leader and having him with the Zelnite Ring and going through a few runs of the Golden Vault this weekend.

    Ultimately I was thinking of equipping all 5 units with Zelnite Rings when going through the Vault.

    Just a thought on my strategy and thinking of the process.
    Good Luck,

    PS... Player ID: 146083470
  • chris_4671
    great thief leon have him as your leader he drops more zel during spark
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Thanks for the suggestion Chris! Will add that.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    I don't know why, but I've actually found myself liking this game a lot.

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