Dying Light 2: How to Complete Meet the People of the Bazaar Objective in The Only Way Out

You'll need to meet the people of the Bazaar to complete The Only Way Out quest in Dying Light 2. Here's what you need to know.

The first story quest you receive once you enter Dying Light 2's open world after the prologue is The Only Way Out. Here, you're asked to meet the people of the Bazaar. That sounds easy enough (and it is!), but the length between objectives has some players stumped and worried they've run into a bug. 

The good news is that this isn't a bug, and neither are you stuck in the quest for the rest of the zombie apocalypse. Instead, this seems to be a way for Dying Light 2 to force you into a few side quests and get a feel for the open world, traversal, and combat. Here's what you need to know. 

How to Complete Meet the People of the Bazaar

Once you enter the Bazaar, use your survivor sense to find the NPCs marked in green outlines. These are the ones you have to talk to in order to continue the quest. Speak with them and exhaust their dialog options, then move on to the next. Here's who you need to interact with.

  • Carlos: The NPC in front of you when you regain control of Aiden after the cutscene. He's Alberto's apprentice and gives the Spark of Invention sidequest.
  • Lena: She's behind you, opposite of Carlos, standing by the ramp that goes up to the second floor of the church.
  • Urban: He's the bartender to the left of Carlos.
  • Julian: He's to the left of Urban, between the bar and the Craftmaster.
  • Ahab: He's leaning against the merchant's stall.
  • Abraham: Once you've spoken to the NPCs above, go through the door to the left of Alberto, and exit the church. Go to the yellow marker at the missing person's board (use Survivor Sense to ping it). Abraham will appear automatically and speak with you. 

Now that you've taken the time to meet the people of the Bazaar, it's time to wait for Hakon to call you. This will take ... forever. In both playthroughs of this mission, it took Hakon upwards of 20 or even 30 minutes real-time for him to call

I completed the Sparks of Invention sidequest and about 3/4 of the Cheers sidequest before Hakon called me and the quest updated with a new objective marker. So get out there and finish those missions before continuing this quest. 

Once Hakon does decide it's time to move the game forward, follow the new map marker to continue with the quest.

And that's how you meet the people of the Bazaar during The Only Way Out quest in Dying Light 2. For more tips, head over to our DL2 guides page.

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Published Feb. 5th 2022

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