Sea of Thieves Green Tornado Explained

What are those mysterious Green Tornadoes in Sea of Thieves? What mysterious do these swirling storms of emerald hold? We've braves the storms to bring you the answer!

A towering tornado, raging green, reaches from the sea to the skies. You and your crew of merry buccaneers are off looking for fortune and Adventure in the Sea of Thieves when suddenly through your spyglass you catch a glimpse of it and scramble.

What is this bizarre spiral of wind? Let us tell you about in our guide to the green tornado in Sea of Thieves.  

Sea of Thieves Green Tornado Explained 

The Sea of Thieves is home to all manner of bizarre phenomenon, and of those the Green Tornado is one of the most glorious to behold. Experienced sailors may recognize the signature emerald hue as a sure sign that ghostly apparitions are afoot.

A green tornado means one thing: someone is taking on the Legends of the Veil voyage, an exclusive Pirate Legend’s journey across the see culminating in a battle against a massive fortress protected by that green spiral. A group of small sea fortresses generates the energy that forms the tornado; destroying them dispels the atmospheric column, exposing that massive Sea Fortress within.  

Legends of the Veil is a thrilling, multipart voyage available only for Pirate Legends. We’ve got a full guide if you want to tackle the voyage yourself, sending you across the sea in a race to retrieve three Veil stones before Captain Flameheart can get his skeletal fingers on them.  

It’s not necessary to be on the Legends of the Veil voyage to see the Green Tornado, any player who is at that stage of the voyage have a Tornado visible to any other crew in the area. That also means there can be more than one, if multiple players are all doing the same voyage.

You are free to sail to any of them if you want to help another crew or attempt to steal the loot amidst the chaos. However, a crew can vote to end the voyage at any time, cancelling the tornado and any potential treasure. 

The Green Tornado at the heart of the Legends of the Veil voyage is sure to be a common sight in Sea of Thieves. Still, it’s just one of many wonders for you and your crew to find, like the elusive Kraken. Keep your eyes on GameSkinny and for more Sea of Thieves guides.


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Published May. 5th 2022

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