Best Classes for Each Unit in Fire Emblem Engage

Give your units the best classes for the optimal team of heroes in Fire Emblem Engage using this guide.

There are 36 character units in total in Fire Emblem Engage, and each character has access to a number of classes. You'll want to choose the best if you want to take on some of the game's harder challenges, such as the deeper levels of the Tempest Trials.

Our guide will provide you with a list of the best classes for each unit in Fire Emblem Engage, including short descriptions of their biggest advantages.

Best Classes for Lythos Units


  • Best Class: Divine Dragon.

This is the exclusive promotion class for the Alear's Dragon Child, which is excellent against bow, dagger, and tome units.


  • Best Class: Great Knight.

This class has great defenses, reducing damage received in the battle.


  • Best Class: Mage Knight.

Mage Knights have an increased speed of movement against physical attackers.


  • Best Class: High Priest.

Framme gains ability to heal herself.

Best Classes for Firene Units


  • Best Class: Avenir.

Avenir Alfred has great physical damage and high dexterity in combat.


  • Best Class: Vidame.

Vidame is a solid support class that buffs physical attackers with magic, and mages with physical strength.


  • Best Class: Berserker.

Through Berserker, Boucheron gains access to one of the strongest axe attacks called "Smash".


  • Best Class: Sniper.

Sniper grants a critical hit bonus of +10 against enemies that can't counter her attacks.


  • Best Class: Great Knight.

Louis as a Great Knight has great defenses, reducing damage received in battle.


  • Best Class: Griffin Knight.

Griffin Knight reduces the cost of all ally one-step moves to just 1 point.


  • Best Class: High Priest.

Jean gains ability to heal himself as a High Priest.

Best Classes for Brodia Units


  • Best Class: Successeur.

Diamant can recover 50% of lost HP as a Successeur.


  • Best Class: Tireur d'elite.

This one's the best choice for Alcryst because Tireur d'elite ignores about 50% of enemy's defenses and resistances.


  • Best Class: Great Knight.

The Great Knight's great defense works heavily in Amber's favor.


  • Best Class: General.

Jade can swap tiles with an adjacent ally as a General.


  • Best Class: Sage.

Sage increases attack power depending on the number of enemies with tomes.


  • Best Class: General.

General's ability to swap tiles with an adjacent ally is very useful on Lapis.


  • Best Class: Swordmaster.

When attacking an adjacent enemy, Yunaka will move to the opposite tile for free as a Swordmaster.


  • Best Class: Warrior.

Warrior gains +50% damage bonus when attacking broken enemies.

Best Classes for Solm Units


  • Best Class: Picket.

Picket's Increased defense when attacking by 150% is useful on Timerra.


  • Best Class: Warrior.

Warrior gains +50% damage bonus when attacking broken enemies.


  • Best Class: Wolf Knight.

Wolf Knight is useful on Merrin as it inflicts negative movement status effect when attacking with a knife.


  • Best Class: Great Knight.

Bunet makes fantastic use of the Great Knight's heavy defenses.


  • Best Class: Wolf Knight.

Panette inflicts negative movement status effect when attacking with a knife when classed as a Wolf Knight.


  • Best Class: High Priest.

Pandreo gains ability to heal himself as a High Priest.


  • Best Class: Dancer.

Seadall gains valuable dexterity, speed, and luck when dancing.

Best Classes for Elusia Units


  • Best Class: Lindwurm.

As a Lindwurm, Ivy deals extra damage when attacking with tome.


  • Best Class: Sleipnir Rider.

Hortensia works great as a Sleipnir Rider as it doesn't consume any points when using staff.


  • Best Class: Thief.

Thief is great on Zelkov as enemies have no ability to block his movements.


  • Best Class: Swordmaster.

Kagetsu works with the Swordmaster because he moves to the opposite tile for free after an attack.


  • Best Class: Wyvern Knight.

Rosado gains +5 movement as a Wyvern Knight if an enemy cannot move to the tile of attack.


  • Best Class: Hero.

If Goldmary's HP is full when initiating a chain attack, that attack may be triggered twice.


  • Best Class: High Priest.

Anna can heal herself as a High Priest.


  • Best Class: Mage Knight.

Lindon will have an increased movement speed against physical attackers as a Mage Knight.

Best Classes for Gradlon Units


  • Best Class: Fell Child.

At the beginning of each turn, Veyle's Engage gauge will fill by 1 point as a Fell Child.


  • Best Class: Royal Knight.

Royal Knight an ability to remove the broken status from an ally by sacrificing 10 HP, which can be useful on Mauvier.

Those are the best classes for each unit in Fire Emblem Engage, and stay tuned for more Fire Emblem Engage tips and tricks articles.

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