Guide: The 2016 Rift Carnival Minion Quest

Need a quick guide for the new Rift Carnival Minion quest? Game Skinny has you covered.

Rift's 5th anniversary Carnival is back in town, and with it comes it's own minion quest. In order to start the quest, you need to buy the Minion Card Zephyr with credits. It isn't something that you can get as a gift, so you need to scrounge up the credits (the purchaseable currency in-game) yourself.

The quest series is as follows:

    1. 5 min adventure : The Carnival has blown into Town!
    2. 5 min adventure : Don't let the Endless Cour ruin the Carnival
    3. 15 min adventure : Help Decorate the Carnival
      ** You get the Minion Card: Pebbles as a reward **

    4. 8 hour adventure : Negotiate safe passage for Skelf to visit the Carnival
    5. 15 min adventure : Invite friendly faeries to the Carnival
    6. 8 hour adventure : Best Noggol at the Racetrack!
      ** You get the Minion Card: Noggol the Tainted as a reward **

    7. 15 min adventure : Carnies are hungry, Send them Snacks!
    8. 5 min adventure : Give Artifacts to Carnival Goers as Prizes
    9. 8 hour adventure : Assassinate zombies at the Dead Man's party
    10. 15 min adventure : Send your minions to negotiate with Pirex Flashfire for prizes.
      ** You get the Minion Card: Pirex Flashfire as a reward **

    11. 8 hour adventure : Negotiate safe passage through Aelfwar territory
    12. 5 min adventure : Root out Abyssal Spies planning to ruin the Carnival
    13. 15 min adventure : Carnival merchants have come up short. Help them stay afloat
    14. 15 min adventure : Locate the Famous Skeleton, Kaerth and take his Bones.
      ** You get the Minion Card: Kaerth as a reward **

    15. 15 min adventure : Wild Carnival mounts have unearthed artifacts!
    16. 8 hour adventure : Planar invaders are ruining the carnival! Kill them with fire
    17. 5 min adventure : Steal Sweets from Blackthorne Faeries
    18. 15 min adventure : Good Tidings! Caeweth the Druid has switched her allegiance!
      ** You get the Minion Card: Caeweth as a reward **

Each adventure you send your minion on has the chance to award new minions, Auroral Dubloons, Glass Beads, Tickets, and even the new Twisted Carousel Ram Trove. The new minions are -- in order of rarity:

Green Minions:

Pebbles: Earth, Dimension, and Artifact elements.

Noggol the Tainted: Water, Harvesting, and Assassination elements

Pirex Flashfire: Air, Fire, Dimension elements.

Rare Minions:

Kaerth: Death, Hunting, and Harvesting elements

Epic Minions:

Caewth: Life, Diplomacy, Harvesting, and Artifact elements.


Hope this helps and have fun!

Published Apr. 18th 2016

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