All 150 Pokemon Locations on Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

Want to be a Pokemon Master? Here's the location of all 150 Pokemon on the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge.

If you haven't yet heard of Google's Pokemon April Fools Joke, then you're probably not in need of this guide. For those of you who have heard of the the joke, which involves catching 150 using the Google Maps app, then you probably want to know where all the Pokemon are. 

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Tokyo. They're all in Toyko. 

Well, there are also some in the Galapagos Islands, most major volcanoes, and then there's a lone Miltank in Columbus, Ohio. The reasoning isn't very clear on that decision. You could actually spend hours searching locations for Pokemon. Or you could follow this guide, and I'll tell you where to find them all. 

How to Catch Pokemon on Google Maps

First things first: you probably need to know how to catch Pokemon before running around the world. This is extremely easy. Using the Google Map search bar, input a location you know Pokemon frequent and hit search. I used "Pompeii, Naples, Italy". 

When you see the Pokemon sprite on your map, touch it, push "catch" and the Pokemon is yours! Also, apparently Tyranitar is responsible for Pompeii. Go figure. 

All 150 Locations

So, before I list the rest of the locations I'd like to give a couple tips. If you're using a location from this list and you simply can't see any Pokemon near the area, zoom in. Some smaller Pokemon won't show up on the map until you zoom. Also, some Pokemon appear in multiple areas, and you might have to search more than one to find it.  

Dragonites appear everywhere and you will be sick of catching them by the end of the game. 

So, here are the locations: 

Hooray! You've caught them all!

Published Apr. 3rd 2014
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  • ruby_2379
    What pimemon can you find in holland?
  • Daniel Forman
    Please more locations in Israel
  • Albert florentino
    indonesian? where giratina,dialga,palkia,and other legendary pokemon? pokemon in indonesian? i hope you make pokemon in indonesian T_T please
  • Sebastian Ardila
    Two days doing this, I have a lot of work, but there's no regrets!!!!
  • Will_1713
    Mew is at -2.98,-58.49

    I checked all the other rumored spots and this was the only place I could find Mew at
  • Tyra_4647
    I found mew!!
  • Andrew_4505
    PD: thanks,
    Only was me missing 40 pokemon.
  • Andrew_4505
    Possibly found at:

    1. -2.98, -58.49, Amazon River

    2. Type in “Amazon River, Brasil” in location search, near the pin

    3. -11.42, -59.92, Nintendo HQ in Kyoto

    4. Nintendo HQ in Kyoto

    5. -0.22, -65.81

    6. 25, 71, Bermudas Triangle

    7. -15.241343, -58.125310

    8. -1.41, -61.57, Lagoa do Tanauau, Brazil

    9. -1.42,-59.92, Represa de Balbina, Brazil
  • Doctor Sam
    Haha, thaaank you so much for this guide! I've spent my whole day playing this sickning game (despite the fact I was actually working, hahaha) and about half of my night completing it with your guide. Which was totally AWESOME!!!
  • haydar_2256
    where tf is feralagator??!!!
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    Here, copy this into google and it should give you coordinates to find Feraligator with:
  • albanisa
    pidove in Parque do estado - Sao Paulo,Brazil; Salamence in Parque da Cantareira - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    I spent at least 3-4 hours playing last night, and when I finally emerged from my Pokemon tunnel my partner was not pleased with me...
  • Red Blue Yellow
    I can't believe this is what I did with my night...

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