Xur Vendor Location in Destiny for This Week (2/10-2/12)

This Xur's location for February 10-12

Welcome Guardians! Just like every other week in Destiny, Xur will be hiding somewhere as usual to sell some exotic items. But are they beneficial to your inventory? And where will he be, anyway?

This week (2/10-2/12), Xur will be in the Tower Hanger at the bottom staircase.

Here are the exotics being sold this weekend:

  • The (once-elusive) Hawkmoon for 23 Strange coins

  • The No Backup Plans for 13 Strange Coins

  • The Skyburners Annex for 13 Strange Coins

  • The Apotheosis Veil for 13 Strange Coins

In addition to these items, Xur will also come with a chest legacy engram as well. These items may or may not fit your specific build today, but Xur continuously comes with different exotics each weekend. We'll see you next week for his next appearance.

What do you think of this week's exotics? Will the Hawkmoon be in your arsenal, or has its window of superiority run out? Let us know in the comments.


Published Jul. 26th 2021

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