Tower of Fantasy: How to Activate Omnium Induction Plates

Activating Omnium Induction Plates is one of the many sources of Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to do it.

One of the many ways you can acquire Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy, Omnium induction plates are mysterious-looking metal objects set flush with the ground with a strange symbol on them. Activating one of these objects reveals the Nuclei reward on the plate nearby. Here's what you need to know. 

Omnium Induction Plates Explained 

The symbol on the Omnium induction plate is a clue to how to activate it. The symbol looks like a pillar, something big and heavy that will weigh the plate down. Only one item can produce the proper effect: the Omnium Hand Cannon Relic.

The Omnium Hand Cannon produces a solid, climbable cylinder on any applicable surface you shoot. The cylinder lasts about 30 seconds, and there’s an equivalent cooldown for one of the two charges the Relic can hold.

It works on floors, walls, and even water, allowing you to traverse terrain otherwise out of reach. Since the cylinder is solid, it can also block lasers.

You can acquire the Hand Cannon early in your playthrough, as you’ll get it soon after entering Ruin A-03.

The only requirement is that you are Level 18. You don’t have to have the recommended CS score, though meeting or exceeding it will make the Ruin easier to complete. This is especially true at higher difficulties.

Once you have the Hand Cannon, aim it at the middle of the Omnium Induction Plate and fire. When the cylinder is fully formed, the Nucleus will appear nearby for you to collect. There aren’t a ton of Induction Plates around the map, but if you want to clear each of the five main regions, you’ll need to activate all of them.

That’s everything there is to know about activating Omnium Induction Plates in Tower of Fantasy. For other world Nuclei sources, check out our guide on breaking cracked walls and opening Singularity Rocks. Our guides hub has even more.


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Published Aug. 25th 2022

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