How To Get Every Single Capital Cashino Token in Yooka-Laylee

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Ok, here’s where your coin search begins to get tricky. There are a total of 11 Broken Slot Machines that’re just littering up the resort, and inside of them are some precious tokens — four to be exact, giving you a total of 44 coins in all.

Now is when we call upon the service of Dr. Puzz and her quirky mad science to transform the Lizard and Bat into a Neon green and purple helicopter, loaded with the ability to fly anywhere for an unlimited span of time, and shoot as many missiles as you could ever hope to.

This Guide is going to post the most efficient priority to track and hunt these machines down; you’ll find the first two right in front Dr. Puzz’s D.N.Ray, parallel to one another, as pictured above.

The third machine is up machine is hidden in the giant pile of red dice blocks that’re stacked in front of the guarded laser security room.

Our fourth broken slot machine is in the storage room that’s accessed by an alcove stashed away behind Rextro's arcade.

Broken Slot Machine number five is located in the area that’s on top of the security room, sitting atop some large golden dice blocks that’re next to Kartos.

Do a 180 toward the entrance of the roulette house, where you’ll find the next Out-of-Order, near the opening foyer along the right-hand wall.

The seventh machine is on the awning of the casino wall to the right, past the Drop Ball game.

Going on to the next broken heap, it’s located on the floor area of the golden dice block piles where you first competed in the hoop jump challenge.

The ninth defective one-armed bandit is to the left of the Power Grid entrance by the card house.

Heading into the double digits, the tenth Machine is on the rooftop of the golden dice block pile next to the Mini-golf course.

Our very last Out-of-Order machine is on the hieroglyphic awning that’s next to the hole-in-one of the golf course.

Published Apr. 22nd 2017

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