How To Get Every Single Capital Cashino Token in Yooka-Laylee

Once you make your way out of the Wager Laser room, turn right, and head in that direction until you hit the wall at the end with a high rise boxroom that resembles a security office. You’ll want to follow the end of the wall to the corner, until you come across a nook with an infrared light brightly casting a conspicuous looking lens-like sensor on the wall—look a bit familiar to you?

That’s right, another chance to whip out the Camo Cloak so that you can reflect the beaming light into a concentrated laser, and aim it directly at the lens-like panel. Doing so will trigger the platform next to you to rise up, where another panel and laser light will conveniently appear for you to repeat the process.

After you get to the third platform and blast the last two panels, you’ll be granted access to the security room that’s holding some caged tokens -- and troublesome goons inside of it.

To unlock the cages with the goods, beat up on anything that moves until the enemy respawns eventually stop, chiming a tune that will open all of the cages where you can add a total of five tokens to your collection.

Published Apr. 22nd 2017

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