How To Get Every Single Capital Cashino Token in Yooka-Laylee

After you're done here, the next goal will be to the immediate left along the walkway. You’ll spot some raised platforms and a spot to the right of it resembling a poker chip with some rotating card suits that’re garnishing its perimeter. Stand in the middle of the Blue Poker Chip spot with all the card suits, because they’re not merely just some gaudy décor, they’re switches that will need to be triggered all at once by Laylee’s Sonar ‘Splosion.

Once you have your wing-girl screech her heart out, you’ll cause the Poker Chip to rise up in a shooting stack that will shoot you up to the top of the raised platforms. Jump your way over to the other end of the tables, and beware of the floating Bizzy’s that guard the area as they can be a bit tricky to evade when you’re hopping from one spinning table to the next. Keep going to reach the end of the gambling dials to arrive at the second spot with spinning card suits, and let out another Sonar ‘Splosion.

You’ll then activate a telescoping platform that will bridge the long gap between you, and the path to the second section of tables that were near the guarded security room. Cross the makeshift bridge as quickly as you before it retracts back into its port to reach the other side where a third poker chip platform awaits.

Trigger it to elevate to a marble-top scaffolding where you’ll then need to use the Glide maneuver to float over to the tables where there will be a building with a Craps floor plan. Inside is a series of Hallways with trenches that can only be crossed by riding the moving roulette table platforms that travel back and forth between the trench, hiding some tokens along the way.

Be careful not to get hurt by the giant red balls that're circling the rotating roulette platforms in order to reach the end of the corridor, and Sonar ‘Splosion the switches that hide the remaining tokens, earning you 6 coins altogether.

Published Apr. 22nd 2017

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