How To Get Every Single Capital Cashino Token in Yooka-Laylee

Once you collect the Tokens, make your way around the tube and up the minecart tracks to the Slot Machine that’s behind Kartos. Each Slot Machine is going to house a different number of Tokens, and will have a unique strategy to their reel spins that will force you to carefully observe the patterns that spin past each slot. The goal is to get a matching row of the heroic pair’s faces for it to dispense the coinage.

The very first Slot Machine will be the trickiest one you collect. As you Lizard Lash the lever, you’ll need to align the rotation of the first and third reels of the slots with the middle reel that’s constantly spinning. When the Yooka-Laylee heads are synced, wait for the suit to appear on the payline, and then quickly Buddy Slam the middle switch to stop entire reel entirely for the prize of five tokens.

The next Machine will be to your immediate left, on the ground floor by the Capital B Pachinko wall game. This one is the second most challenging as it will feature five reels instead of three, getting faster after every stop. And the direction of each dial’s spin changing between up and down with every slot switch you slam on. With the right patience, the completion of this machine will reward you with seven tokens.

The next one isn’t too much further to the left, and is much simpler, as you’ll only need to stop the traditional three reels. But beware: the reels are once again spinning in different directions from one another. The first and third slot wheels will have the Banana slot positioned before the Yooka-Laylee symbol, and Duke’s head will spin by right before the Lizard and Bat mug on the middle one; just keep an eye on these to help time the moments that you need to slam to get another win at the slots. Once successful, you’ll be rewarded with five tokens.

You know what, we lied, this last machine is definitely the trickiest one as the three switches on this coin-eater aren’t connected to the reels that they’re directly in front of, making it a bit disorienting to keep track of. The first switch will stop the third reel, while the second will stop the first, and the final halting the middle reel — the speed will also shift with each stop but if you manage to match this one up, you’ll earn another five tokens for your collection.

Published Apr. 22nd 2017

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