How To Get Every Single Capital Cashino Token in Yooka-Laylee

Circling around the marble pathway again, you’ll see large entryway against the outermost wall that’s flanked by Frostberry bushes and Character face tiles. Slurp Shot the Frostberries, and take aim at the at the faces displayed above the doorway in the order that they’re listed on the patterned diagram plastered to the left of the door. You’ll hear a chime that will grant you access to the next room, where another shooting gallery awaits you.

The next room features the same kind of puzzle, only the tile order will be hidden at the left-hand side of the ground level of the room, behind some crates that you'll need to smash. Once you’ve got the pattern down (or you know, you could just look at the screenshot of it right here) you’ll need to go back toward the front area of the room in front of the raised area with the red blocks. Shoot at the blocks in order to create ledges that can be used steps up to the top of the raised platform where the door is, shoot the correct priority of faces to unlock the door, and go on forth to the next room.

When you go inside the next room, you'll see the target order needed to open the door in plain view; the catch is that you’ll have to shoot at them within a spinning carousel in the middle of the area. The easiest way to aim at them is from outside of the round cavity that the tiles are spinning in instead of trying to shoot at them from directly within. 

Try stationing yourself in an area where both the tiles of the spinning carousel, and target order set on the wall are in your line of sight, then tag the appropriate character plates with some Frostberries to move onto the next room.

The final room will have a series of pillars that're stacked with crates on top of them that you'll need to smash or shoot out of the way. The tile pattern that shows what the priority of targets is will be located at the bottom of the towering platform, and the arrangement will be five tiles long. Shoot down the last set of them to open the door out of the gallery and six new tokens to grab.

Published Apr. 22nd 2017

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