Where and When to Watch the Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit

The best places to watch Red Bull Battle Grounds online.

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit is the fourth event in the 2014 Red Bull Series, a StarCraft 2 tournament. This tournament is being held in Detroit, Michigan with a $25,000 prize pool. This circuit of the tournament is targeted towards up and coming StarCraft 2 players, heading on their way to fight alongside the pros in the Grand Final in Washington, DC this September. 

The tournament will run August 22-24, with the Grand Final happening in DC September 20-21st. 

So you can't make it to Detroit? No problem! There are still plenty of places you can watch the tournment. 


As always, Twitch is a great go-to for watching eSports events. Red Bull has a channel specifically dedicated to their eSports.  The official Twitch stream is a great way to talk to other fans, as well as watch the live content as it is created.

Watch live video from redbullesports on www.twitch.tv

Or you can watch on the Twitch Red Bull eSports Stream


If you're not looking for watching live (and you can watch older streams on Twitch as well) you can get videos and highlight videos from their Youtube channel, like the one in the header of this article. 

If you're not trying to watch live, Youtube is a great way to catch up on information on Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit. More can be found at the official Red Bull eSports Youtube Channel.


A product from the folks who brought you Guild Launch and GameSkinny, Banter is an Android and iOS application (available for free on the app store) that allows you to listen in on official streams for big ticket events -- including Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit. 

For mobile usage, while the event is going on, Banter is a great way to listen in on teams and matches without hogging tons of bandwidth or waiting for videos to buffer. Think of it like people listening to radio play-by-plays of the Red Sox (or your favorite MLB team). You can find more information about Banter on the App Store page, as well as on Google Play.

Stay tuned on GS for more coverage about Red Bull Battle Grounds.


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Published Aug. 17th 2021

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