World of Warcraft Legion: Corrupted Egg Fragment Explanation

Need to know what the corrupted egg fragment is in Legion? This guide tells you that and more!

If you are level 110 in Legion, chances are you've seen the Facing Our Fears follower mission in your class order hall. Many people are wondering what the corrupted egg fragment is, what the quest is, and what you get from it.

I'm here to answer all those questions and more!

Facing Our Fears Follower Mission

The first thing you need to know is that the follower mission is item level 830 and has a long timer before it expires -- mine is currently 8 days and 22 hours.

This means that you want to get your followers at least close to 830 if they are not already there.

wow legion facing our fears follower mission

It also has bonus loot if you are lucky enough, which lets you do an extra loot roll on certain bosses in Legion.

The modifiers are Boss, Minions, and Hazard, so get followers that can counter all 3.

The actual effects of those modifiers will vary, but the modifiers themselves are the same for everyone.

If you counter everything, it is a 16 hour mission.

Corrupted Egg Fragment Quest and Reward

When the mission is over you get a Corrupted Egg Fragment.

This is an item that starts a quest to kill Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption in the Emerald Nightmare raid.

When you do it, you will complete the quest and get a Cache of Nightmarish Treasures. This contains a random piece of loot from the raid.

There are 4 version of this item, meaning there is 1 for each difficulty. Right now, we currently don't know exactly how to get the higher version other than number of kills.

It is speculated that you need 10 kills on a difficulty to get the next tier of loot. Example: 10 kills on Normal grants Heroic and 10 kills on Heroic grants Mythic.

This should be total kills and not 10 kills on 1 boss. I will update this if it turns out to be different.

That's it for the guide on the Corrupted Egg Fragment and Facing Our Fears follower mission. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Aug. 31st 2017

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