Banner Saga Traveling Tips and Master Guide List

This is your one stop shop for everything Banner Saga.

I've done a number of Banner Saga guides and this will be the portal to all of them. I go over basic combat and strategy, explain each player and enemy unit, go over all abilities, and other helpful tips to give you an edge in combat.

I'd also like to give you some travelling tips to keep your caravan running smoothly. If your goal is to go through the game without losing people to starvation, then you definitely want to do many battles.

Banner Saga Traveling Tips

Fight ALL the battles!

Following combat strategies and using the right units will help you win battles, but you can always lower the difficulty if it gets too hard. The core of the game is about traveling and the story anyway.

You will lose people in wars, but as long as you win battles, you will get renown and sometimes supplies. You can use renown to buy supplies in big towns.

Watch your back!

There are many events that come up in your travels. Make sure you are careful, sometimes you have to ignore people. I tried being nice and got most or all of my supplies taken on more than one occasion. It really takes good judgement.

Paying attention to what the characters say and how they say it can clue you in on their intentions. Sometimes helping people are allowing them in to the caravan will lead you to more supplies.

It is also good to inspect Godstones or other places that give you such an option. You might find supplies or items that characters equip.

Avoid drama

Sometimes, people just want to start drama. Don't let it fly! If someone is causing friction in the group, toss them out faster than you can say "Dredge." If you don't, it might come back to haunt you. Again, this doesn't work in every case, so learn to read the situation.

Hopefully these simple tips will lead you through the game without starvation. Check out the links below for anything else about Banner Saga.

Banner Saga Guide List

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Published Jan. 24th 2014

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