Play Candy Crush for Free: Tips on Playing Without Spending Any Real Cash

Tips to get you crushing candy without spending a dime.

I've spent the last couple of days playing Candy Crush. My mother is currently sitting pretty on level 35, and she hasn't paid a dime. So, how do you do it? How do you play in such a way as to never spend any real cash? Well, there are a couple of tricks you can use to save yourself some walletache. I've been playing on Facebook and have found a couple of ways to keep my score high and my cost... well, nonexistent.

Use Your Turns Wisely

This may be common sense to some, but others may not even look at the number of turns they have remaining. So here's the trick: save your objective for the last ten or so turns. In the beginning, you may not have ten turns--as such, keep your objective for last but don't miss it completely. Set yourself up to have a combo ready, and then complete your mission once you're down to single digit turns. This will allow you to have a pretty decent score without missing your objective. Example: save one jelly for last in the "clear the jelly" levels.

You Don't Need Boosters

They're shiny, and they're pretty, I know. But it is possible to beat every level without the use of those boosters, and they do cost money. The lollipop hammer gives you three free uses before it goes away. If you really need to use something, then I suggest saving the hammer for emergencies, but otherwise steer clear of them. They're not necessary to complete levels.

Keep An Eye on Your Lives

Your lives are what cause you to have to wait 30 minutes between games. You start out with 5 lives, and once you're out of lives, you have to wait half an hour to play. My suggestion to you? Play right before bed if you need a fix. If you run out of lives, no biggie--you go to sleep, and in the morning, you're back up to full. Buying more lives is really how they get people.

Don't Sacrifice for Score

It's more important to complete the level than it is to get a high score on it, simply because failing a level costs you a life, even if you go back to a level you completed previously to try and boost your score. If you feel confident that you can beat a level with more stars, then by all means, go for it, but don't sacrifice your life for a higher score.

Time Reset for iPad

Obviously, this method won't work for Facebook users on PCs. However, this video shows you how to reset the time on your iPad so that you always have 5 full lives.

Stay Away from Downloadable Programs

Seriously. For a mobile/Facebook game, viruses, spyware and other malicious programs can really sink you in terms of security. Downloading programs (as we all know) that are not from a trusted source is really risky, and the money you may be trying to save on Candy Crush can go into buying yourself new hardware. Please stay away from programs that advertise cheats and hacks--some of them are really shady.

Update: Train Tickets (Level 35)

Train tickets, unfortunately, are a mechanism that require you to either pay money ($0.99), or ask your friends for help. There is no way around a train ticket--but there is a pretty easy way of getting one.

The easiest thing I've found is to only ask people who play Candy Crush. They tend to be less annoyed by requests from games, and if you have direct contact with any of them (texting, etc) you can always say "Hey! Send me a ticket and I'll give you extra lives!" or something along those lines. You'll need three friends to send you a ticket in order to reach the next level.

Again, I wouldn't ever pay for a ticket. I ask friends, and only the ones who actually play the game.

Published Apr. 15th 2013
  • robertsnoah84
    If you want to learn more tricks and cheats for candy crush, check this website, is so good:
  • Carol_4573
    I don't understand why completing quests doesn't come up in any of the comments I've read. This comes up at several levels starting at 35. You have three quests to complete and can complete one quest every day. Then you get your train ticket to move on without spending money or asking friends to help.
  • MaLi_2128
    Got all the way to Level 410 without buying anything. The key is to have a lot of friends on FB that are playing CC & also have the app on your cell phone, computer & iPad. So you really have 15 lives to run through. I'm on the verge of buying candy hammer just to get passed Level 410, which is the hardest level thus far.
  • Good hack :D
    Hi, have you ever wonder how the Candy Crush Saga would work with a hack? If you are tired to lose all of your lives and have to pay for other or wait for other lives, give it a try. Also gives you unlimited boosters, so it will make the game a lot easier, less frustrating and you won't ever spend money for it.
  • Mark_1006
    I disagree with the tip about finishing levels with as few moves left as possible. The more moves you have left when you finish a level the higher your score will be. Unused moves are converted either into fish or into striped candies which then explode. Either, but especially the exploding striped candies, will push your score up a lot higher than normal game play would. It's also amusing to watch.
  • Mark_1006
    I disagree with the tip about trying to use up almost all your moves before fulfilling the goal of the level, in order to get a better score. The sooner you complete the level the better. Unused moves are converted into either fish or into striped candies which then explode, either of which will drive up your score a lot more than normal game play, especially the exploding striped candies. It's also amusing to watch.

    Also maybe something has changed since these posts were made 3 months ago - though I think I've been playing at least that long. But what is the level 35 issue? I'm at level 311 and I've never had to pay for anything.
  • michelle_8325
    I'm on level 62 and I haven't spent a dime. I'm fairly new to candy crush. I've only been playing for about a month and 1/2 now.MY tip is to use facebook. The more friends you have on facebook that play cady crush the more lives you can request from them. My son has 100's of friends on facebook therefore he always has extra lives. Me on the other hand I don't have that many friends on Facebook so, I just have to have a lot of patients for this game. L.O.L
  • Kat_9327
    I have another secret to reveal!!! I did not put my Facebook in connection with my iPhone because I don't want to bother people or ask friends and in doing so I know just need to beat three levels at the train station in order to unlock more levels each time. almost beat the game (until they release more levels that is, grr!!) but HAVENT SPENT A DIME! Or a penny or anything!!! Also want to add that every level is extremely beatable and sometimes require a certain trick to really get it like certain specials only work... But I have not once looked on YouTube... Because I didn't even realize you could until now but still I didn't need youtube and neither do y'all! It's an easy game to beat once you figure it out... Anyways it's more fun to do it on your own believe me!
  • Adym_5742
    I've not paid a dime and am on level 208. Extra moves from friends is helpful (I have many Facebook friends playing, so there's generally always moves/lives coming my way from people).

    If there's a specific level you can't beat, you can search for it on youtube, and generally see a good strategy to get by it.
  • Cheryl_1821
    I keep reading that there are ways to get past Level 35--so how do you do that?
  • Joe Magnus
    From the program, log out of Facebook, them click on the airplane and close play quests. You have to complete three quest, one per day, and it will unlock the next 15 levels.
  • David_5026
    Yeah… you should mention level 35 in the article.
  • Tara_8692
    The questions is how to get past level 35 without paying a dime?
  • Sarah_7467
    Candy crush saga offer 100 lives if you follow their Instruction "Scam"I've tried (10)times I'm still waiting on my free lives

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