Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapon Locations

Wondering how to find all of the weapons in Ninja Gaiden Sigma? This guide tells you how to find all weapon locations.

Koei Tecmo was sneaky when it developed Ninja Gaiden Sigma. There are a handful of hidden weapons that can be found throughout the game, and while you can easily skip them all and complete Sigma, finding every weapon will make some things easier.

This Ninja Gaiden Sigma locations guide shows you how to find all of the game's hidden weapons to help you on your journey. 

How to Find All Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapons

Wooden Sword 

The wooden sword in Muramasa's weapon and tools shop menu with Muramasa in background.

You can buy the Wooden Sword from Muramasa’s Weapon and Tools shop for 100 orbs. Later in the game, you can upgrade it to make a strong weapon called the Unlabored Flawlessness. It’s not like the Wooden Sword in, say, Kingdom Hearts; this one actually does a significant amount of damage if it reaches its fullest potential.

Ryu standing in a hallway lined with book shelves looking at an open chest.

Take the elevator down in the Airship in Chapter 3. Before going down the elevator you can collect a map from the desk and a golden scarab from the window in the office.

Once you take the elevator down, you’ll be in the ship's control center. Keep running through the control area to find another elevator on the other side. Ride it up to the Airship helm, but make sure you’re equipped with speedy weapons and can handle the multiple enemies that spawn at the top. 

Once you’ve finished them off, you’ll see a yellow light. Interact with it up to get the ID card. 

Airship helm map showing fore cabin.

After picking up the ID card, turn around, and you’ll see a door to the right of the elevator that can be scanned. Inside, you’ll find a treasure box with the Dragon’s Claw & Tiger’s Fang inside, a new dual-handed weapon.

Lunar Staff

Ryu standing in a lit alleyway looking at a beige standing pot.

In Chapter 4, you’ll find yourself in the city of Tairon. Go to the military gate area. Once there, go left to find a gate with a yellow ball in the middle of it. Go through the gate, and take out the three guards. Go forward.

Tairon military gate area map.

Turn right at the end of the alleyway to go into a sketchy back alley. Go right again to find a pot with a stick inside of it. Interact with it to get the Lunar Staff. 


Ryu looking at a dead body in a dead-end alleyway.

The Nunchakus can also be found in Chapter 4 in the military gate area. Go through the same gate with a yellow ball in the middle of it. Fight the guards, then go to the left once they’re def
eated. Go down the stairs, and then go right.

Follow the path, and go down the steps on your right. Once you’re down to the bottom, turn left. You’ll see a dead body. Go to it, and grab the nunchakus off of it. 

Vigoorian Flail

Vigoorian Flail kusarigama on ornate blue and beige background.

In Chapter 6, you’ll find Vigoorian Flail in the underground area below the cathedral. Go to Econtra Babel Specus, the area of the map that has huge chains flowing down to a sinkhole. There is also a merchant statue in the area.

Go left to the tombs. Take out the blue spirits with your shurikens or the nunchaku and continue forward. Go down the ladder, and eliminate more spirits. You’ll find yourself at an elevator. Use a jumping spike attack on the button to turn it on.

Ryu in a cave with tombs carved into the wall looking at an open chest.

Once you’ve reached the bottom, open the metal door. You’ll see a save point on the left. Just next to it in the corner, you’ll see a chest. Open it to get the Vigoorian Flail. 

War Hammer

Ryu standing in monastery ruins with a war hammer floating above the stone ground.

As soon as Chapter 10 starts, you'll find yourself outside of the monastery. Go back inside the monastery. Go to where Rachel was defeated in the cutscene, and pick up her weapon. The War Hammer on the left side of the altar hall by a bunch of debris.


Dabilahro greatsword on blue and beige background.

Give 20 golden scarabs to the blacksmith to get this claymore-like weapon. You'll need to collect the golden scarabs throughout each level, so look in every nook and cranny. 

While the Dabilahro only costs 20 Scarabs on normal difficulty, its cost increases on higher difficulties.

Spear Gun

Large, three spear speargun on blue and beige background.

At the beginning of Chapter 13, you’ll see some nasty-looking piranha-like creatures in the water. Avoid them, and swim under the metal railing. As soon as you get under it, you’ll see a tunnel underwater on your right. Be careful: there are spikes that will skewer you if you don’t time your movements.

Go through the tunnel and after the first set of spikes, get some air. On your left, you’ll see a merchant’s statue. To the left of it is a dead body. Interact with the dead body to grab the spear gun.


Ryu standing next to a floating Kitetsu katana.

You can get Kitetsu right at the beginning of Chapter 15. You’ll find the Kitetsu sword to the right of Ryu, just hovering above the ground. Pick it up.

Note that the Kitetsu does not drain Ryu's health in the version of Sigma included in the Master Collection, though it did in the game's original release.

Plasma Saber (into Plasma Saber Mk II)

Ryu, surrounded by lava, posing with a blue-bladed plasma saber. Image source: D3PY Gaming

You must find all 50 Golden Scarabs in Normal or Ninja Dog mode to get the alternate, futuristic version of the default Dragon Sword. You can then fully upgrade that sword to get the Plasma Saber Mk II. 

Seven-Branched Sword / Dark Dragon Blade

Ryu in attack stance with the long Dark Dragon Blade covered in dark red flames.Image source: D3PY Gaming

To get this legendary weapon, you'll have to find all 50 Golden Scarabs in Hard mode and obtain it from Muramasa

That's how to get all of the weapons in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Most are fairly easy to find, but you really have to grind to get either the Dark Dragon Blade or the Plasma Saber Mk II., so good luck! For more Sigma guides, such as the monk chamber safe code, consider checking out our tips page


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Published Jun. 24th 2021

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