Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journals Guide

Here are all the journal locations for the Shrine of Flooded Embrace in Sea of Thieves.

Few pirates can resist the lure of lost treasure and secrets. And why should they? There’s loot to be plundered and mysteries to uncover! In Season 4 of Sea of Thieves that means finding all the journals hidden within the mysterious new Siren Shrines. Five of these journals are scattered among the wreckage in the Shrine of Flooded Embrace. Here is how to find them.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journals Locations

Check your map table for the location of the Shrine of Flooded embrace. Take your ship to the designated area, look for the colorful glow above the waves, and dive in.

As you descend you will come to what looks like an upside-down galleon embedded in a massive undersea mound. There is a hole just “below” the rudder. That is your entrance. Swim inside and you will reach a large water-filled chamber.  

Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal 1: The Shrine of Flooded Embrace

The first journal is at the top of the chamber. The cargo hold of the upside galleon is directly above you.

Swim up, catch your breath in the air bubble, and look for some yellow coral adjacent to the staircase. The journal is sitting on the floor.  

Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal 2: The Sirens

Exit the first ship wreck and swim straight down a short distance. Turn and look straight up and you will see the door to a brig (jail) facing downward, surrounded by glowing teal-colored coral.

Open the door, and the journal will be inside, to your left.  

Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal 3: Mermaid Gems

Near the midpoint (vertically) of the shrine is a transparent barrier, sealed by glowing red coral. Inside is a large air pocket, and a mermaid statue.

The third journal is to your immediate left when you enter, on a pile of wreckage.  

Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal 4: Siren Gems

Directly below the chamber with the third journal is an upside-down wrecked hull covered in seaweed, below an awning of coral.

Inside the wreck is an air vent. The journal is on top of the exterior of the wreck.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal 5: A Great Battle

The final journal is close to the very bottom of the chamber. Look for a piece of wreckage on the seafloor and leaning against the wall, roughly north of center. It will be illuminated by bright glowing coral. The journal is leaning against the coral.  

Excellent work, you’ve discovered five of the hidden journals. There are twenty-five others to locate. You can find guides to those, and plenty other secrets on our dedicated Sea of Thieves hub 


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Published Oct. 4th 2021

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