Subnautica Guide: How to Farm Flora and Fauna

Learn the simple process of farming various species of flora and fauna in this guide to Subnautica.

The latest farming update for Subnautica, an open-world survival game, now allows players to farm flora outside the seabase in the underwater conditions. Also, you can breed all kinds of species in your new large tank, whether inside or outside the base.

The farming process of both flora and fauna in Subnautica is very simple, so you will have no trouble with it whatsoever. Here’s how you do it.

How to farm fish in Subnautica

Subnautica large aquarium farming

First thing you need to build is the Multipurpose Room using your Habitat Builder.

  • If you decide to build it within the base, then it will automatically hatch itself to the seabase module, otherwise it will require a foundation of its own.
  • In order to craft a Multipurpose Room you will need six pieces of Titanium, which can be found in limestone or crafted from metal salvage.

The second step involves building a Large Aquarium inside the room you’ve just set up.

  • These tanks are specifically designed for breeding all sorts of living organisms.
  • In order to farm fish you need to catch a fish first and then put it inside the aquarium.
  • You need to put two creatures of the same species inside the aquarium for them to start breeding.
  • As soon as the number of creatures reaches 10 the breeding will automatically stop.
  • If you want to breed more than 10 fish of the same species, then consider building another Large Aquarium.

Also, don’t forget to build a hatch on the wall of the tank that will allow you to get inside.

How to farm flora in Subnautica

Subnautica interior growbed farming

First, you need to set up an Interior Growbed inside your base, if you wish to farm within the Seabase.

  • This growbed can be easily crafted using your Habitat Builder and two pieces of Titanium.
  • The Interior Growbed has enough capacity for 16 plantable flora.

If you would like to farm outside the base in the underwater environment, then you will need an Exterior Growbed.

  • It is slightly bigger than the interior version and can accommodate up to 24 plantable flora.
  • However, the Exterior Growbed can’t be crafted from the get go. You need to find and scan it on the Floater Island, which is located in the south-western direction of the Aurora, an alien spacecraft.
  • You can find the Exterior Growbed beside an Abandoned Seabase situated in the center of the Floater Island. You have to scan it and only then you will be able to craft it using your Habitat Builder and two pieces of Titanium.

After you’ve set up the planter you can choose what flora you want to farm. Here is the full list of all plantable flora in Subnautica.

As you see, it will take just a few simple steps before you will be able to start farming flora and fauna in Subnautica.

What do you think about the new farming update for Subnautica? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Published Jan. 24th 2018

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