Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (May 2016)

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Ocean biome is one of the most fascinating areas in the whole Minecraft. The sheer amount of island formations makes it one of the most interesting areas for exploration, especially if you can find the underwater temples, also known as ocean monuments. In this month’s top 20 Minecraft seeds you will discover lots of ocean monuments (slides 2, 3, 9, 11, 18-20) that stand close to some cool survival islands.

Also, you will get the chance to find some incredible loot in a few desert temples and igloos. If you missed the last month’s top 20 Minecraft seeds compilation, then head straight here.

Seed: 1780846559848474925
Coordinates: 95 62 252
Biome: Beach, Plains

Spawn on the edge of a small survival island and an ocean monument hiding in the waters nearby. You will be able to locate the exact position of the temple by swimming to these coordinates 216 56 250.

As you may know, every ocean monument has a treasure room. This particular monument holds 8 gold blocks at these coordinates 215 40 265. Each gold block contains 9 gold ingots, so it’s a lot of gold.

Seed: -789253440759842831
Coordinates: -205 64 253
Biome: Beach, Plains

Spawn near a few really small survival islands with an ocean monument beneath them. One of the islands in this area has several plants of sugarcane – a great plant to have for farming. You will be able to find this island at these coordinates -45 63 254.

The ocean monument contains a treasure chamber with gold blocks at the following coordinates -198 40 156.

Seed: 2125020300
Coordinates: -43 68 258
Biome: Plains

Spawn near a relatively large NPC village with blacksmith and ten farms. The chest at the smithy’s house contains:

  • 7 obsidian
  • iron chestplate
  • iron leggings
  • horse saddle

There is a mob spawner nearby at the following coordinates -105 71 265. This spawner is a part of a huge dungeon in this Minecraft seed with some valuable resources, such as emerald ore at -79 29 182 and gold ore at -66 23 146.

Another zombie spawner can be found at -71 34 166 with a treasure chest holding:

  • 4 redstones
  • pumpkin seeds
  • horse saddle
Seed: 8948427359082903975
Coordinates: -150 63 -10
Biome: Mushroom Island

Spawn near a huge mushroom island with an exciting underground activity. You will be able to locate a massive ravine at these coordinates 27 64 29. If you explore the cave system below you will be able to find the precious obsidian ore at 19 21 -66. As you know, obsidian requires lava to form, so be careful – the flows of lava are everywhere.

Seed: 9205325820451076994
Coordinates: -76 93 -39
Biome: Mesa Plateau F

Spawn amidst a massive and gorgeous mesa biome with the most colorful scenery. In the northern direction you will find the edge of a jungle area spruced with some melons. The exact coordinates of the jungle area are 324 68 301.

If you travel around for a little bit, you will find a jungle temple at 647 80 580 containing:

  • 3 emeralds
  • 2 gold ingots
  • 5 iron ingots
  • horse saddle
Seed: -2348129601781654267
Coordinates: 21 71 263
Biome: Plains

Spawn on the surface of a middle-sized survival island that has a small village with sheep, pigs and horses. Unfortunately, there is no blacksmith in this survival Minecraft seed, but you can find some valuables in the ravine nearby. Also, you will be able to locate a mob spawner at these coordinates -11 33 327.

Seed: -1094168403
Coordinates: -111 69 264
Biome: Plains, Ice Plains

Spawn at the plains biome that stands close to the ice plains area. Near the spawn point there is an igloo at 55 67 364 with an underground secret room. There you will find a chest containing:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 emerald
  • 4 redstones
  • Enchanted Book – Feather Falling IV
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 8 iron ingots
  • 2 horse saddles

If you want to grab another golden apple, then head straight to a zombie spawner at the following coordinates -252 39 244.

Seed: 3879704992216643729
Coordinates: 178 65 195
Biome: Forest

Spawn on the shore of a tiny island with a bunch of trees on top. Right beside the island you will find an ocean monument below the water. The treasure chamber with gold blocks can be located by teleporting to these coordinates 103 40 232.

Seed: -3476695766558025470
Coordinates: 84 66 124
Biome: Forest

Spawn in the middle of the forest biome. If you go to 856 80 -808, you will discover a nice village and a desert temple. Inside the temple you will find some amazing loot:

  • 5 golden apples!!!
  • Enchanted Book – Unbreaking I
  • Enchanted Book – Mending

Near the temple you will see an entrance into the dungeon with really deep and complex cave system. If you want to mine some valuable resources in this Minecraft seed, then head to 808 11 -828 for some gold and redstone ores.

Close to the resource vein there is a spider spawner at 793 14 -838 containing:

  • diamond horse armor
  • horse saddle
  • music disc
Seed: -7388978307741979010
Coordinates: 207 63 149
Biome: Ocean

You will spawn underwater near a few really small and flat survival islands that have nothing growing on top of them. However, there is an ocean monument nearby, which you can explore for some gold blocks and sponges. If you’re too lazy for searching the treasure room, just teleport to coordinates 212 40 307 and get all that sweet gold.

Seed: -1979321542
Coordinates: -221 75 241
Biome: Plains

Spawn in the plains biome that stands close to the swampland and desert biomes. There is a nice desert village with blacksmith at 310 75 702, although with an almost empty chest.

However, if you travel to 151 66 538, you will stumble upon a desert temple with some excellent loot:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 2 emeralds
  • gold horse armor
  • 7 gold ingots
  • 2 iron ingots
  • iron horse armor
  • Enchanted Book – Silk Touch
  • Enchanted Book – Smite IV
Seed: -5603420481333416942
Coordinates: 160 70 238
Biome: Forest

Spawn amidst a lush forest biome. This Minecraft seed has a few dungeons with mob spawners, so be well prepared. One of them is located at 176 72 175, while the other (much deeper) one can be found at 8 64 -21.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in farming rare plants, then head to -51 64 -22 for a couple of sugarcane plants growing on the bank of a river.

Seed: -293224826722673
Coordinates: -226 65 169
Biome: Swampland, Extreme Hills

Spawn in the swamplands surrounded by extreme hills. This is another completely wild area with a lot of hostile mob spawners. One of them can be found at -176 73 239 with a few treasure chests containing:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 4 redstones
  • iron horse armor
  • diamond horse armor
  • gold horse armor
  • 2 iron ingots
  • melon seeds

Another spider spawner is located at -174 62 226 with a chest holding:

  • 2 iron ingots
  • music disc
  • beetroot seeds

The third spawner generates zombies and you will be able to get there with these coordinates -179 34 160. The chest inside has:

  • 3 redstones
  • 2 iron horse armors
Seed: -3500229128833691836
Coordinates: 16 68 -47
Biome: Cold Beach

You will spawn in the double igloo ice plains area. The first is located deep in the cold taiga forest at the following coordinates 51 75 -153. This one has a secret room below that contains 3 gold nuggets and a golden apple.

The second igloo can be located near a frozen river by teleporting to these coordinates -241 68 35, but unfortunately, this one has no underground chamber.

Seed: 47748584
Coordinates: 34 92 336
Biome: Mesa Plateau F

Spawn in the wilderness of the mesa biome that has an unexpected desert temple residing at the following coordinates 648 71 159. There is also an adjacent flower forest in this mesa biome Minecraft seed, which makes up for a beautiful view overall.

Inside the temple’s treasure chests you will find:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 emerald
  • iron horse armor
  • 2 gold ingots

Seed: -75730203883917036

Coordinates: 150 64 210
Biome: Plains, Desert

Spawn in the plains area not too far away from the desert biome. At these coordinates -146 72 378 you will find a desert temple and a small sand village a bit further at 3 71 267. There’s also an entrance into the dungeon that spawns hostile mobs very close to the village.

The chests inside the desert temple contain the following loot:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 3 emeralds
  • Enchanted Book – Silk Touch
  • 3 gold ingots
Seed: -7289463392565192574
Coordinates: 242 69 249
Biome: Plains, Ocean

Spawn on top of a small survival island with a lot of sugarcane plants around. You will find them along the shoreline and near a small pond on the surface of the isle. Also, close to the spawn you will see an ocean monument with a treasure chamber located at these coordinates 288 40 121.

Seed: -2109231493
Coordinates: 199 65 240
Biome: Plains, Ocean

Spawn at another survival island with sugarcane, but this time it’s a really small one. Not far away from the island you will see an ocean temple under the water. As usually, there is a room with gold blocks inside, and here are the coordinates 103 41 337.

Seed: 8694699248579176878
Coordinates: 52 63 251
Biome: Beach, Ocean

You will spawn very close to a middle-sized island. If you travel to these coordinates -78 64 -199, you will arrive at another island that is slightly smaller in size. There is nothing on its surface, but below the waterline you will see an ocean monument. The chamber with 8 gold blocks is located at -171 40 -151.

Seed: 5031642532363291914
Coordinates: 3 79 4
Biome: Extreme Hills

Spawn on the edge of a huge island with massive extreme hills and lots of ravines. The cave system is interconnected and has a few interesting spots to visit. For example, at 21 21 55 you will find a vein of gold ore and a mob spawner. Another stack of gold can be located at 73 24 112. Also, if you want something extra special, then head to 34 12 119 for some redstone ore.

Tell us about your favorite Minecraft 1.9 seeds in the comments section below!

Published Apr. 30th 2016


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