Loop Hero Guide: How to Get More Item Slots

This quick guide will go into how to increase item slots in Loop Hero.

By default, players get four gear item slots in Loop Hero but there is a way to increase this amount by one or more, giving each hero class an advantage in a loop. This guide will provide you with tips on how to get more item slots in Loop Hero.

The secret to increasing the amount of item slots is hidden in a single card: the Arsenal. This card can be stacked, if you're lucky to find more than one in a single loop. This allows you to increase your item slots by more than just one, although that happens extremely rarely.

How to Get More Item Slots in Loop Hero

In order to unlock the Arsenal card you must have two buildings: Smelter and Intel Center. But first you need to craft a Smithy, which requires a campfire available at the start of the game.

The Smithy can be crafted using the following resources:

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 4 Preserved Rock
  • 7 Stable Metal
  • 2 Food Supply

When the Smithy is ready, you can start building the Herbalist's Hut:

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Rock
  • 4 Food Supply

After the Herbalist's Hut build the Field Kitchen at the campfire using:

  • 3 Stable Wood
  • 2 Preserved Rock
  • 1 Food Supply

When the Herbalist's Hut and the Field Kitchen are ready, build the Gymnasium:

  • 5 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Rock
  • 6 Stable Metal
  • 1 Metamorphosis

Once you have both the Gymnasium and the Smithy, you can build the Supply Depot:

  • 9 Stable Wood
  • 17 Stable Metal
  • 9 Food Supply
  • 3 Metamorphosis

After the Supply Depot you can start building the Intel Center using:

  • 12 Stable Wood
  • 15 Stable Metal
  • 17 Food Supply
  • 3 Metamorphosis

Finally, you need to build the Smelter using this recipe:

  • 5 Preserved Rock
  • 18 Stable Metal
  • 3 Food Supply
  • 1 Metamorphosis

Once the Smelter and the Intel Center are done, the Smelter unlocks Arsenal and Temple Storm cards, as well as additional 30 points to your base HP.

The Arsenal card unlocks an additional item slot for each of the three hero classes:

  • Warrior gets the extra slot for Helmet
  • Rogue geta the extra slot for Amulet
  • Necromancer gets the extra slot for Shield

Arsenal cards can also drop randomly from the chests. In that case you can stack them and have another extra slot for one of your heroes.

That's all you need to know on how to get more item slots in Loop Hero. If you're looking for more Loop Hero tips and tricks articles, then consider checking out our dedicated hub page!


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Published Mar. 22nd 2021

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