Fallout 76: All Mutated Events in Mutation Invasion

Here's a list of all the Mutated Events in Mutation Invasion.

Mutant Invasion is the kickoff event for Season 12 in Fallout 76. Featuring a new mutation, new items, and new Daily Ops locations, the event brings plenty of content. Here's a rundown on the event, including all Mutated Events and rewards.

What are Mutations in Mutation Invasion — Explained

Mutations in Fallout 76 are ways your character changes after being exposed to large amounts of radiation. Mutations can occur when walking through highly irradiated areas or being attacked by glowing enemies. How you get a mutation is to simply expose yourself to high levels of radiation. Depending on your perks you may get mutated when the red radiation bar on your health fills halfway or more.

The mutations included in the Mutated Events are: 

  • Volatile: Enemies explode upon death.
  • Active Camouflage: Enemies are cloaked when not attacking.
  • Resilient: Enemies can only be slain with a melee attack.
  • Freezing Touch: Slow targets down upon attack.
  • Toxic Blood: Enemies leave behind small poisonous hazard upon death.
  • Group regeneration: Enemies heal each other when within radius.
  • Swift Footed: Increased movement and attack speed.

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The new mutation introduced for this event is Reflective Skin: Enemies periodically enter a Reflective state that reflects back some of the direct damage done to them. Reflective skin will also be included as a mutation for Daily Ops. 

All Mutated Events

A Mutated Event will occur at the top of the hour, every hour, until March 21. The event will have a special icon so you known it is Mutated and the event details will list what mutation is effecting it. After March 21, Mutation Invasion will come back every other week and last for a week. 

  • Test Your Metal — Group Regeneration, Toxic Blood
  • Moonshine Jamboree — Resilient, Reflective Skin, Freezing Touch
  • Eviction Notice — Volatile, Freezing Touch
  • Lode Baring — Active Camouflage, Freezing Touch, Group Regeneration
  • Guided Meditation — Active Camouflage, Swift-Footed, Reflective Skin
  • Swarm of Suitors — Swift-Footed, Toxic Blood
  • One Violent Night — Toxic Blood, Volatile
  • Uranium Fever — Volatile, Group Regeneration, Reflective Skin
  • Line in the Sand — Resilient, Swift-Footed
  • Heart of the Swamp — Active Camouflage, Resilient

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Mutated Events Rewards

Successful completion of Mutated Events will earn you the normal event rewards along with a Mutated Package. Opening Mutated Packages gives you a chance to obtain: 

  • Meds
  • Ammo
  • Resources
  • 3* Legendary Item: 5%-25% Drop Chance
  • Rare or Ultra Rare Plans: 25% Drop Chance

If at least 3 of the players in the event are Fallout 1st members, everyone will earn a Mutated Party Package instead of the Mutated Package. The Mutated Party Package give increased base rewards and have a 50% drop chance at rewarding rare or ultra rare plans. 

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Daily Ops 

Daily Ops received an update for Mutant Invasion as well. Along with the Reflective Skin mutation, new Zetan Alien Invaders enemies are introduced. New locations included:

  • Charleston Capitol Building
  • Garrahan Mining Headquarters
  • Morgantown High School

New rewards are plans for the following:

  • Floater Tubes (Gnasher, Freezer, and Flamer Variant)
  • Hot Rod Handmade Skin
  • Flatwoods Monster Tube
  • Deep-Space Alien Power Armor Skin
  • Jetpack

That's all you need to know about all the mutated events in the current running Mutation Invasion event in Fallout 76. Check out some of our other Fallout 76 guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Mar. 6th 2023

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