SMITE Season 4 Guide: The Best Picks for ADC

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SMITE Season 4 is ramping up, and the full force of the cataclysmic changes is still being felt by Conquest fans and pro players alike. If you've been reading along with us as we covered the Season 4 best picks for mid lane, or our best picks for solo lane, you know the plan. We run the numbers on who's hot and who's not this season, and you do all the shooting and winning. 

But you're going to need a good eye, sniper -- the picks aren't the only things that have changed this time around. There's a reason this isn't our "best picks for ADC in the duo lane". 

Supports, our tankier half in the old duo lane, have recently been partnering up to the mid lane and junglers in Season 4, leaving us sharpshooting types in the middle of an old Western gunslinger's duel. Don't let your shooting hand get too shaky at the thought of staring down the enemy Hunter on your own, though. 

This lane ain't big enough for the two of you -- but these picks will help make sure that you're the one riding off into the sunset with a fistful of victories. 

Published Feb. 15th 2017

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