World Chest Locations: Zelda A Link Between Worlds Guide

This guide will show the locations of chests scattered around Hyrule and Lorule in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has many chests scattered all over Hyrule and Lorule. This guide will show you their locations. If you need to know how to get chests in dungeons, or if you don't know how to get to a certain location, then check my Guide to All Guides and select one of the many guides. If you are looking for those in mini dungeons, then check out my Mini Dungeons guide.

Hyrule Locations


  • House to the left of Sahasrahla. Merge through the bars.
  • Cave north of miner's house. Use the hammer to get in.
  • Miner's house after getting rid of the rocks around it.
  • Ledge above the sanctuary to the west. It is surrounded by stumps, so you need the hammer.

  • Use the world link entrance from northwest of swamp palace. Wall merge to the east, all the way around to the chest.

Eastern Palace Area

  • Go north of the bow symbols, through the doorway.
  • Go up the stairs, then shoot the orbs on each side with the bow to open the door.
  • Go through the doorway, then take the western path until you reach a set of stairs going up.
  • Head up the stairs, then east until you reach a chest.

  • Directly west of eastern palace.
    • Drop down to the platform above the chest.
    • Wall merge around to it.
  • Ledge a little southwest of eastern palace. Use the hookshot to reach it.

House of Gales Area

  • Cave southwest of House of Gales.
  • East of House of Gales.
    • Swim to the north dock, then up the stairs.
    • Wall merge to the south platform.

Death Mountain Area

  • Cave near weather vane.
    • Wall merge west of the weather vane to a blocked cave.
    • Use the bomb to blow it open.

  • Cave near weather vane.
    • Wall merge east of the weather vane to a cave.
    • Use the hammer to get in.
  • Cave in front of weather vane.
    • Go through the cave in front of the weather vane.
    • Go to the top, then use the hammer to reach the chest.
  • Cave in front of weather vane.
    • Go through the cave in front of the weather vane.
    • Head to the top, then all the way west and out the cave.
  • Top floor of cave before Tower of Hera.

Lorule Locations


  • Vacant house. Use bomb behind house to open.
  • East of Graveyard. Go east one screen, then south to a group of enemies.

Swamp Palace Area

  • Northwest of Swamp Palace.
    • Use the Hyrule world link south of Pouch forest.
    • Use the hookshot to get to the platform northwest.
  • Cave north of Swamp Palace.
    • After you complete Thieves' Hideout, Thief girl will be there to let you take the chest.

Death Mountain

  • South, off ledge, from Treacherous Tower. Defeat ice statues with fire to reveal chest.
  • Head east from Death Mountain world link, then north into cave.
    • Get on moving platform and keep switching platforms until you get to one you can't walk on.
    • Wall merge when you reach the wall, then move west on the platform.
    • Defeat the enemies with fire, then wall merge west to another platform.
    • Defeat the enemy with fire, then get on the moving platform to the west.
    • Use the tornado rod to reach the moving platform above you. Get off on the platform to the west.
    • Get on the southern moving platform, then switch to the next one.
    • Use the tornado rod again to get on the moving platform above.
    • Wall merge east to a platform with a chest.

  • West of Ice Ruins.

I will update this guide as I find more chests. If you have any questions or know of any locations not listed here, then let me know in the comments.

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Published Dec. 9th 2013
  • Christian_5256
    To the northeast of the house of gales is a cave with a great fairy inside. As soon as you go in, there are flames blocking the path. If you use the d-pad to see to the left you will see another path. At the end of the path is a chest that I cannot figure out how to get to for the life of me. Please help!
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I have not reached that chest. I'll see how to get it, then update the guide.
  • Christian_5256
    figured it out, bombing the wall to the left of the entrance of the cave will open the path
  • stevebo1
    So much info to cover but Zelda rules

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