Destiny: The Taken King Sunbreaker Titan Guide

Check this guide out for everything you need to know about the Sunbreaker class in Destiny: The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King adds new subclasses for all 3 classes in the game. These give access to the missing element for each class. For Titans, this is the solar element. Sunbreaker, the name for the titan solar subclass, has a strong offense, but also some support if you choose certain skills.

I'm going to go over the over aspects of the Sunbreaker class, go through each skill in the class, and give tips based on what I use. Look out for the Stormcaller and Nightstalker classes coming soon.

This guide will go over everything about the Sunbreaker Titan class including:

  • Breaking the Sun - General info of the Sunbreaker class and how it works.
  • Sunbreaker Skills - Info on what each Sunbreaker skill does.
  • Sunspot Build - The build I use most of the time and how it works.

Breaking the Sun

Sunbreaker titans have some powerful abilities, especially their super, Hammer of Sol. This super forms a flaming hammer in the titan's hand to throw at enemies. A new hammer forms as soon as one is thrown, up to 5-6 times.

This is almost as strong as Golden Gun and will one-hit-kill most people in the crucible.

The melee ability, Sunstrike, does damage over time with a hard punch, similar to a Sunsinger Warlock's Scorch melee ability.

Their special class grenade is Thermite Grenade. This shoots a burst line of fire in front of the grenade 3 times.

Sunbreakers excel at several things: taking damage, killing multiple enemies, and supporting a team by making enemies weaker.

destiny the taken king sunbreaker subclass

Sunbreaker Skills

Grenade Skills
  • Fusion Grenade - Explosive grenade that does more damage if stuck to enemies.
  • Thermite Grenade - Grenade that shoots a line of fire in front it 3 times.
  • Incendiary Grenade - Explosive grenade that lights enemies on fire to do additional damage over time.
Jump Skills 
  • Increased Height - Lift carries you higher.
  • Increased Control - Lift has better directional control while in the air.
  • Catapult - Lift provides a strong initial burst of momentum.
Hammer of Sol Skills
  • Forgemaster - Throw more hammers, and hammers cause bigger explosions.
  • Suncharge - Press the melee button during Hammer of Sol to charge at enemies. Enemies in your path explode, chaining fiery damage to other enemies.
  • Scorched Earth - Hammer of Sol creates sunspots where it lands.
Sunstrike Skills
  • Melting Point - Burn away target's defenses. While burning, targets are weakened to both you and your allies.
  • Thermal Vent - Sunstrike releases an explosion on hit. Kills create a sunspot.
  • Stoke the Forge - Reduces Sunstrike cooldown. Getting a killing blow with Sunstrike instantly recharges it.
Titan Codex I-III
  • Titan Codex I - Increases battle recovery and toughness.
  • Titan Codex II - Increases agility and toughness.
  • Titan Codex III - Increases battle recovery and agility.
Perk Column 1
  • Flameseeker - Hammer of Sol seeks out enemies.
  • Explosive Pyre - Enemies killed by your hammer explode, chaining fiery Solar damage to others.
  • Fleetfire - Enemies killed by your fire grant you bonus agility and reload speed. Stacks up to 3 times.
Titan Codex IV-VI
  • Titan Codex IV - Increases all attributes.
  • Titan Codex V - Increases only recovery by a lot.
  • Titan Codex VI - Increases only agility by a lot.
Perk Column 2
  • Simmering Flames - When super energy is full, grenade and melee abilities recharge twice as fast.
  • Cauterize - Enemies killed by your fire regenerate your health.
  • Fire Keeper - While standing in a Sunspot you gain an Overshield and Hammer of Sol lasts longer.

Sunspot Build

destiny the taken king hammer of sol

Sunspots are fire areas that damage enemies that enter it. The best part of this build is the Fire Keeper skill. You can save yourself by standing in a Sunspot if you are about to die, plus you can throw more hammers while standing it.

Combining this with Scorched Earth spawns a sunspot on you when you activate Hammer of Sol and you can keep throwing them for more.

  • Thermite Grenade - It is a useful grenade, but any grenade will do depending on the situation.
  • Catapult - I use this because I'm usually trying to cross distances and this is more helpful.
  • Scorched Earth - Required because it created sunspots.
  • Thermal Vent - Melee ability that creates sunspots on kills.
  • Titan Codex I and IV - I like this because it gives you the maximum amount of armor with good recovery. In certain situations you will want to raise agility.
  • Explosive Pyre - This one is close. I prefer this because it does more damage and takes out more enemies.
    • Flameseeker is good because it helps hit far enemies easier and increases recovery and agility.
  • Fire Keeper - The cornerstone of this build. Stand in all the sunspots!

That wraps up my guide to the Sunbreaker class in Destiny: The Taken King. Let me know if you have and builds of your own!

Published Sep. 22nd 2015
  • hoebehop
    What about stats / gear / exotics that fit this build mate?
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    For stats, Intellect and strength are the best to get as many sunspots as you can. Any exotic weapon that gives super, such as Zhalo Supercell or Bad Juju helps. Immolation exotic gauntlets is great because it gives Explosive Pyre for free so you can have that and flameseeker.

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