Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Guide: How to Find Moore's Panic Room

Here's how to finish Galeb's investigation in style, as you go after Jason Moore in scene 4 of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong and find the panic room.

Your first full-length mission as Galeb in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is to track down Jason Moore, the human who handles the bookkeeping for Boston's vampire elite. When you get to Moore's penthouse, though, it's full of cops and there's a decapitated corpse in the lobby. This might get a little complicated.

There are two ways to finish this scene. One is to find all the incriminating documents that Moore kept on Boston's vampiric elite, then leave the way you came. If you want to finish up strong, though, there's one big secret in Moore's apartment that's easy to overlook. Here's how to find Jason Moore's panic room in Scene 4 of Swansong.

How to Uncover the Panic Room in Moore's Apartment

You're basically handed the first big clue regarding the existence of Moore's personal survival bunker when you visit the reading room on the penthouse's second floor.


A tutorial gently encourages you to keep Galeb's Sense the Unseen ability running while you're in the penthouse. This will point you straight at an ad brochure for Fortress Security-brand billionaire panic rooms.



The safe in Moore's office also contains a receipt for the installation of one of those panic rooms. Now we know there's one on the premises. The question is where.

If you investigate Moore's bedroom, there's a lot to find, but you might not notice that he's got a smart mirror. It has several useful features, one of which appears to be a phone, but it can only dial 8 digits when American phone numbers typically have 10.

Another clue that's easy to miss is Lydia Moore's planner, which can be found on a side table in the dining room.

You'll be directed to look for this if you find Jason or Lydia's smartphones; Jason's phone in the bedroom is locked (the pattern that unlocks it is, for some reason, on the chalkboard in Moore's daughter's room), but Lydia's phone is just sitting next to her drafting table in her office on the second floor.

The important thing here is the post-it note that says, "In case of emergency: call PURA VIDA."

The final piece of the puzzle is in June's room (Jason's daughter), where she's using a simple cipher to exchange secret notes with a friend. The key to that cipher is on top of her desk.

You do have to guess from context how to translate the letter "A" into June's cipher, but since "DEF" is "3," it stands to reason that "ABC" is "2."

Run PURA VIDA through the cipher to get the number 78728432. Dialing that into the phone app on Jason's smart mirror will open the door to his panic room, found in the nearby walk-in closet.

For finding and opening the panic room, you'll receive the trait Detective, which lowers the experience cost for the next rank of Deduction by 15 points.

If you enter that panic room, it will mark the end of the scene regardless of whatever else you have or haven't done. To get the maximum benefit from the ensuing sequence, it's a good idea to make sure your Hunger meter is empty beforehand.

If you're able to reach the end of the level without killing any cops, which will require you to use Dominate at least three times in a row, you'll unlock the Parley trophy/achievement. Galeb will also receive the Make no waves trait, which provides a permanent +15% success rate whenever you achieve a tie with the Rhetoric talent.

And that's how you find the panic room in Moore's penthouse in VtM: Swansong. For more guides on the puzzles of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong and more, keep an eye on our official hub for the game.


Published May. 25th 2022

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