How to Complete 'The Suffering of Constantin' Quest in GreedFall

Ease your cousin's pain - here's how you complete GreedFall's tricky "The Suffering of Constantin" quest.

Poor Constantin. Throughout GreedFall, your cousin seems fairly unequipped to handle his job. Good thing he has you around! One quest involving him that can be troublesome is "The Suffering of Constantin," as GreedFall's a bit unclear on your ultimate objective. Here's how you complete the quest.

The main issue with this quest is that you need to destroy three Tenlan nests to complete it, and there are more than three out there. However, you have to destroy three specific ones in order to trigger the quest completion.

One of the Tenlan nests, which is inside the cave with the white Tenlan, will not count towards the completion of "The Suffering of Constantin." Destroying it is an objective for a different quest.

Confusing, we know.

Once Constantin has given you the quest, you'll have to go to Wenshaganaw to speak with the healer, then to San Mateus to do the same. Finally, you'll head to the hunter in Whenshaveye to find the bulk of the quest: destroying the Tenlan nests.

From Steam user Ogami, here is a map with the three nests you need to destroy (in red) as well as the other nest that doesn't count for this quest (in white). To destroy nests, you'll need an alchemical preparation. 

Once you've destroyed all three nests, return to the hunter to tell him the quest is done. Afterwards, the village healer will agree to aid your cousin Constantin. As soon as you speak with the healer, the cutscene should trigger and you will receive the quest rewards.

Don't let Constantin suffer a minute longer! Take care of this quest to bump up your reputation with the Congregation of Merchants. Can't get enough of GreedFall? Check out our full review of the game here and head to the GreedFall game page to see more articles on the game.


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Published Jan. 6th 2021

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