Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed Locations

Where to find Dandelion Seed across Teyvat in Genshin Impact.

You may have come across some Dandelion Seeds early on in Genshin Impact and just forgot they were there, but these Mondstadt specialties have two distinct uses: Anemo-impacting potions and ascending the character Jean.

The Dandelion Seed is used in the creation of Gushing Essential Oil and the Windbarrier Potion. The former boosts the party's Anemo damage by 35% for 300 seconds, and the latter increases the party's Anemo resistance by 35% for 300 seconds. Like all of the potions in Genshin Impact, you'll probably want to make and use these at one point or another.

As for ascending Jean, you'll need a total of 168 Dandelion Seeds to fully ascend her to max level. You only need three for the first ascension, though, which is easy enough to get your hands on if you know where to look.

Where to Get Dandelion Seed in Genshin Impact

Unlike some other ascension-related plants, your only option for getting your hands on a Dandelion Seed or several is to seek them out.

Dandelions are only found in a few places across Teyvat, but there are often multiple plants in one spot for you to get Dandelion Seeds from.

Best places to find Dandelion Seed

The easiest place to pick up some Dandelion Seeds is just outside of Mondstadt, before you cross the bridge leaving the city. Multiple plants can be found on either side of the road.

I've also marked other locations where I've found Dandelion Seed on the map below, as you'll need a fair number of them to fully ascend Jean and will probably want to make a fair amount of Gushing Essential Oil and the Windbarrier Potion.

The large circle in the southwestern portion of the map has the highest concentration of Dandelion Seed in the game, and it should be where you go if you need a great deal of it.

Good luck seeking these plants out! If you found this guide helpful, take a gander at some of our other Genshin Impact guides here on GameSkinny, including a guide to the Souvenir Shop and how to complete some of the game's more obtuse quests.

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Published Oct. 1st 2020

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