Raft: How to Get the Metal Detector

Find better loot quicker with the help of our guide on how to get the Metal detector in Raft.

One of the most effective ways of finding loot and treasure in Raft is to use the metal detector. This tool can help you find lots of rare materials very quickly — or troves of assorted trash, which can also be helpful — and it doesn't take much to make it.

This guide will tell you how to get the metal detector and the different loot types you can expect to unearth with the shovel. The metal detector won't do the digging itself! 

How to Get the Metal Detector

Before you can craft a metal detector, you must find its blueprint and research it at the Research Table. You can find the Metal Detector blueprint on Caravan Island, which is the first island of Chapter 2. Once you're there, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Container Tower in the center of the island.
  2. Look out for a long pipe nearby that goes into the ocean.
  3. Follow the pipe to the very bottom of the ocean.
  4. Get inside the blue crate at the end.
  5. Pick up the blueprint inside the crate.

Once you've obtained the blueprint, you must research it at the Research Table, then craft the metal detector with the following items: 

  • 12 Plastic.
  • 6 Scrap.
  • 1 Battery.

One metal detector is limited to 450 uses. After that, you must craft a new one.

List of Detectable Loot

You can find loot anywhere on the islands using the metal detector, including the following items and drop rates:

  • Assorted Trash (42.5%):
    • Scrap.
    • Planks.
    • Rope.
    • Plastic.
    • Copper.
    • Metal Ore.
  • Suitcase (30%):
    • Scrap.
    • Glass.
    • Bolt.
    • Hinge.
    • Titanium Ore.
    • Vine Goo.
    • Metal Ore.
    • Copper.
    • Developer Paintings.
  • Combination Safe (20%):
    • Glass.
    • Bolt.
    • Hinge.
    • Leather.
    • Biofuel.
    • Explosive Powder.
    • Titanium Ore.
    • Cassette Tapes.
    • Developer Paintings.
    • Toy Robots.
  • Tiki Piece (7.5%):
    • Tiki Base.
    • Tiki Headpiece.
    • Tiki Middle Piece.

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Published Jun. 29th 2022

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