Skull Woods Walkthrough: A Link Between Worlds Guide

This guide will walk you through the entire dungeon of Skull Woods in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

Like Thieves' Hideout, Skull Woods isn't too long. It also has another piece of master ore to upgrade the Master Sword. I recommend doing this and Thieves' Hideout before the others because you will get the sand rod from Thieves' Hideout and 2 master ore after completing both. This will allow you to upgrade your master sword for the first time.

Required Items:

  • Lamp or Fire rod

Optional Items:

  • Bomb

This guide will cover Skull Woods including:

Reaching Skull Woods: Where it's at, and how to get there.

B1 Floor: Complete floor guide

In the Skull Woods: Going outside, and what to do.

B2 Floor: Compete floor guide.

Skull Woods Boss: What he does, and how to beat him.

Reaching Skull Woods

Skull Woods is located in the northwest corner of Lorule. This is the same place as Lost Woods in Hyrule.

  • Take the world link from the Miner's house in Hyrule. This will take you to east of Skull woods.
  • Wall merge through the bars, then head south.

  • Continue south until you go down a ramp.
  • When you get to the second ramp, go west on the path instead of going south.
  • Go north into the woods when you get to the end.
  • Follow the path north until you reach the entrance.

B1 Floor

This dungeon has a hand that follows you around, wait until it hits the ground, then attack it until it is defeated. You can also just keep avoiding it. If it lands on you, it will take you back to the entrance.

  • Go west into the next room as you enter.
  • Head south until you step on a switch, then go north and take the first door to the east.
  • Wait for the fire to burn the mummy, then follow the walkway east.
  • Continue following the walkway south until you reach the exit.

In the Skull Woods

  • Follow the path east until you reach a hole.
  • Jump in to get back inside.


  • Get on the moving platform and ride all the way around to the eastern platform. Wall merge on the middle wall when the hand is about to ground pound.
  • When you reach eth platform, grab the chest for a small key. Head north into the next room.
  • Follow the path north a little, then east to light the torch.
  • Head north into the next room, then grab the chest for a compass.
  • Go back to the previous room, then open the locked door to the south.

In the Skull Woods

  • Follow the path north and drop into the first hole.


  • Grab the chest for 100 rupees, then head south out of the room.
  • Go back through the door you unlocked to the outside again.

In the Skull Woods

  • Follow the path north again, but don't drop down the hole.
  • Go west of the hole to some purple flowers.
  • Cut the flowers, then jump down the hole.


  • Go west into the next room.
  • Head north and either use a bomb to blow the crack, or have the hand ground pound it. Drop down.

  • Step on the switch to the south, then head west up the stairs and repeat for the crack to the north.
  • Drop down, grab the chest for a small key, and step on the switch to activate a platform back to the west.
  • Open the locked door to the south, then go through.
  • Pull the lever to the east to open the path to B2. Go down the stairs.

B2 Floor

  • Wall merge to the south, defeat the enemies, and push the statues on the first two switches to the north.

  • Go up the stairs to the west, then wall merge to the eastern platform.
  • Pull the lever to reveal stairs, then head east into the next room.
  • Step on the switch to the south to activate a moving platform.
  • Wall merge into it, then exit on the middle platform.
  • Move north under the switch and wait for the hand to ground pound. It can't hit you under the grating and it will hit the switch to activate the moving platform to the east.
  • Merge into the platform, then exit to the north.
  • Step on the switch to move the bar above you to the south, then head north into the next room.
  • Step on the switch in the next room to release the enemies on the ground.
  • Defeat them, then stand under the remaining enemies to have the hand defeat them.

  • A shortcut portal will activate and the doors will open. Go north into the next room.
  • Ride the platform to the west, then go down the stairs.
  • Get on the platform, then ride it to the middle where the chest is for a small key. The hand can't hit you because you are under the platform. Head back up the stairs, then open the locked door.
  • Head west in the next room and light the torch. Defeat the two enemies to open the north door, then go through.


  • Wall merge through the bars to the south, then head east.
  • Wall merge on the northern wall to the east platform with an eye on it.
  • Throw the eye the west, then into the eye socket.
  • Head south across the platform, then continue until you see a path of revolving platforms.
  • Wall merge on the south wall and continue all the way around and exit on the other side.
  • Wall merge on the other southern wall and around to the south.
  • Continue south, merge through the bars, and exit.

In the Skull Woods

  • Go north a little, then west to grab the chest for 50 rupees.
  • Continue north, then head east at the split.
  • Go to the southeast corner and cut the purple flowers to reveal a hole. Jump through it.


  • Wall merge to the west and throw the eye down. Continue wall merging to the north to grab the chest with a master ore.

  • Jump down, grab the eye, and take it all the way back north to the remaining eye socket.
  • Grab the chest with the boss key, head west, and wall merge north through the bars to go back to B2.

Skull Woods Boss Guide

After getting to B2, head to the middle of the room to open the boss door.

This boss is a giant metal hand. It will charge at you and slam on the ground. The floor has many cracks that will be broken by the hand. When it hits the cracks, the floor will disappear.

Phase 1 - Wall Charge

  • Wall merge when the hand is about to charge at you.
  • When the hand hits the wall, exit then attack.
  • Repeat until Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Wall Charge and Ground slam

  • When the it does the ground slam, just avoid it. Wall merging makes it easy to avoid.
  • Wall merge again when it starts to charge, then attack.
  • Repeat until defeated.

Grab the heart container, then head north through the door. Touch the painting to free Seres.

Questions or Suggestions?

Let me know in the comments. For help on upgrading the Master Sword, check out my Items Guide. If you need anything else, then my Guide to all Guides is sure to have it.

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Published Dec. 6th 2013

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