How to Get Stone Fragments in Tales of Arise

If you're stuck finding Tales of Arise Stone Fragments, fret not. They're closer than you might think.

Tales of Arise Stone Fragments are a rare upgrade material used early on to enhance Shionne’s rifle in Calaglia. They’re a bit tricky to get, but upgrading the gun is worth your time.

Not long after the option to improve weapons unlocks, you’ll be facing your most difficult challenge yet. Here’s where to find Tales of Arise Stone Fragments

Stone Fragments drop from Golems. There’s one golem on the path from the Crimson Crows’ hideout to Ulzebek, but you’ll find several more in the Iglia Wastes. This is the area between Ulzebek and Fagan Castle where Shionne finds her new clothes.

Level 9 Golem beastiary entry showing the golem and its stats.

Golems are slow but hit hard if their attacks connect. Fortunately, they also telegraph their attacks pretty clearly. Once they wind up and start to swing their arms, dodge away so they don’t send you flying. Playing as Alphen works best for dealing with these, since he has a better chance of dealing higher damage to the Golem weak spot.

That’s the giant, glowing orange core that basically screams “weak spot” on the golem’s back. Attack it enough times to break it, and you have a much higher chance of getting more and rarer items after the fight is over.

It might still take a few rounds with Golems to get what you want, but once you’ve finished, head back to Ulzebek’s Inn to upgrade Shionne’s rifle.

At this point, getting a new gun isn’t tremendously important. Shionne’s going to take healer duty during the upcoming boss fight with Balseph, and her Boost Strike is more important for stopping his powerful attacks than it is for dealing damage. If you don’t have much Gald, save what you do have for Alphen’s upgrade after you find Astral Crystal Grain.

That’s all you need to know about Tales of Arise Stone Fragments, but check out our other Tales of Arise guides for more tips.


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Published Sep. 17th 2021

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